Written by Chris Smyth

Don’t have any Dashboards or Bio Tabs?
Have Dashboards and Bio Tabs created eons ago that nobody uses?

Dashboards and Bio Tabs aren’t new.

These features were designed to help people see, understand, and work with data:

  • Dashboards make it easy to get value from your data by providing enterprise-wide results and analytics with the flexibility to offer views that become a useful part of your workday.
  • Bio Tabs showcase important constituent information enabling effective analysis and efficient data capture.

But they are underused. So we talked with users to find out more.

Most told us that they didn’t have the time and/or the expertise to build their own views from scratch, but, everyone had ideas about what they’d like to see.
We gathered up those ideas and have developed an initial set of Dashboards and Bio Tabs for you to import. 

To those who don’t have Dashboards or Bio Tabs, these will get you started.

To those who have already built your own, or, those of you who have inherited a set built long ago, check to see if there’s anything that you’re missing!
Downloading and importing these new Andar Dashboards and Bio Tabs won’t impact those you already have.

Leveraging Dashboards and Bio Tabs enables you to use your data to make decisions, achieve your business goals, understand what’s happening within your business, and understand why it’s happening.

Do you want to be one of the first customers to download and import these new Dashboards and Bio Tabs?

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