This tip is by Peg Stuber

You might have wondered “In Andar, how should I enter a pledge and/or payment that comes in through a Third-Party Processor, when processing fees are being deducted by that Processor?”

This situation can be handled in a variety of ways – depending on the identity of the third-party processor, and the information that you receive from them. The following is a general recommendation:

1. Since you were not the original processor, it is typically not up to you to send the donor a billing statement or a tax receipt. The third-party processor would be responsible for those tasks.

2.    When you enter the transactions into Andar, use one of the transaction types that were created specifically for this purpose.    

a. Instead of ‘Corporate’, use ‘Corporate (No Bill/Receipt)

b. Instead of ‘Employee Payroll’ or ‘Employee Fully Paid’ or ‘Employee To Be Billed’, use ‘Employee (No Bill/Receipt)

c. Instead of ‘Individual Fully Paid’ or ‘Individual To Be Billed’, use ‘Individual (No Bill/Receipt)

d. Or, if you did not raise these monies, you might use the non-campaign transaction types: ‘Corporate (No Bill/Receipt) (Non-Campaign)’, ‘Employee (No      Bill/Receipt) (Non-Campaign)’, and ‘Individual (No Bill/Receipt) (Non-Campaign)’.

3.    Using 2 separate envelopes, enter 2 separate transactions for each pledge / payment.   

a. The first transaction can go into a Miscellaneous envelope, or a Workplace envelope, or an A/R Payments envelope. 

b. Double-check to determine if you have previously entered the donor’s Pledge amount in another envelope/pledge.   

c. On the first transaction, enter the donor’s total Pledge amount (if it has not been recorded previously). And, assuming you have received at least a partial payment, enter the Payment amount that you actually received.   

d. The second transaction would go into an Adjustments envelope.   

e.    On the second transaction, the Pledge and Payment amounts would be $0. The Adjustment amount would be the amount of the fee, and it would be entered as a positive number. And, the Adjustment Reason would be ‘1020 – Processing Fee Deducted By Others’.

4.    You may send the donor a Thank You – as long as there is nothing that indicates the donor did not want to hear from you.