Tribute Management - Tribute Processing and Notification UW

Concluding our series on managing the tribute revenue stream, we will discuss adding a tribute transaction and notifying interested parties.

Once a Tribute Account has been established, it is possible to process transactions in association with that account. Processed gift transactions can be linked to a particular tribute account at the time of gift processing.

During gift processing, you can quickly assign a Tribute Account(s) to a particular gift using the Tributes tab.

Unique notifications for a particular transaction can be recorded at the time of gift entry. It is possible to identify a group of individuals responsible for a particular gift as well.

1.    Transaction Entry
Tribute transactions are entered in the same manner as all other traditional gifts.


On the tribute screen of gift entry, find the tribute with which this gift should be associated. All of a gift can be associated with one Tribute, or it can be divided amongst multiple tributes.

2.    Tribute Information
Tribute information is attached to a transaction via the Tribute screen. A single gift can be divided among multiple Tribute accounts if needed.
Click the Tribute link from the transaction.


  • Tribute ID: Enter the Tribute account number if you didn’t enter it on the Transaction screen. (Use the ellipsis to query for the account if the FRID is unknown.)
  • %/$: Enter the percentage or amount of the total transaction that should be applied to that Tribute account.

After you select the Tribute Account, if that Tribute record has a default designation associated with it (and that is not the designation you entered on the transaction tab), you will get the following message and options.


3.    Notification Information
Notified parties are usually relatives, board members, or others with a special relationship to the person the tribute fund is commemorating. They receive a notice whenever a tribute is sent in to the fund.

At the time of gift processing, you can record additional notifications for a transaction. You can also record a ‘custom’ notification address for a particular transaction.

Click the Notifications link from the transaction. Here you will see all Notified Parties already established for this tribute.


Tip: You can use Selection Management to generate lists of tribute gifts to send to Notified Parties.

4.    Group Name Information
If a group of individuals contributed to a particular transaction, you can record their names during gift entry.

Click the Group Names link from the transaction.


Enter the names of all of the people who contributed.

Tip: You can include group names on an acknowledgement or notification

Tribute Notifications/Acknowledgements

Selection Management is used to generate Acknowledgements and/or Notifications for Tribute accounts.

There are TWO Selection Types that will allow you to access Tribute information. Those Selection Types are:

  • Tribute Notifications
  • Tribute Acknowledgements

For both Selection Types it is necessary to establish Selection Logic and a corresponding Selection Layout. It is also important to establish relevant Source Code(s), so that you can take advantage of Selection Management’s ability to ‘write back’ to Contact History with the information that a piece of correspondence has been sent.

1.    Tribute Notifications

The most commonly used Selection will be for Tribute Notifications. Example logic is shown below.


This selection:

  • Writes back to Contact History that a Tribute Notification Listing was sent
  • Identifies accounts where the Send List check box has been set in Tribute Management
  • Identifies records that have not previously had a Notification Listing sent.

2.    Tribute Acknowledgements
The Tribute Acknowledgements Selection Type is used to send acknowledgements to those donors that have made gifts to honor or memorialize an account. This Selection Type differs from the traditional Acknowledgement Selection Type because it allows you access ONLY to those gifts that were processed in association with a Tribute account.

Example logic is below:

Tribute_Processing7.pngThis selection:

  • Writes back to Contact History that a Tribute Acknowledgement was sent
  • Identifies accounts where an Acknowledgement benefit has been assigned (typically a default)
  • Identifies records that have not previously had an acknowledgement sent.