The Analytics sub-tab in the CRM tab contains data acquired from Wealth Research firms. This data includes a great deal of both demographic and psychographic data which can then be used to prospect individuals for a Major Gift or Planned Gift.

The acquired data varies from one firm to another, but can include such things as a person's net assets, current income, indirect holdings, largest gift given to a philanthropy or propensity to give. Two popular wealth research firms are Wealth Engine and Donor Search. With Donor Search, a web page may be imbedded in the constituent profile and research returned is populated directly into the profile. This is found on the Individual Account Profile > CRM tab > Analytics Sub-Tab. With Wealth Engine, the data can be imported into the Analytics tab through the Andar connector.

Once imported, this data can be used to effectively qualify prospects for a Major Gift or Planned Gift. For example, the pattern tab and analytics data can identify individuals who have given consistently over time (pattern tab) and who have a high net worth and propensity to give (analytics tab). This type of profile would be well qualified for solicitation of a Planned Gift.

The Bio Analytics App can be added to custom Bio Tabs on the Individual account profiles and to Dashboards via the Account Information App. You can select and display any analytic data for the account on this app.

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