It doesn't matter how compelling your email is, if your audience doesn't receive the email, it's a wasted effort. But, how do you ensure your email sends well, and what's the sending process like?

Think of the process as traditional snail mail. Andar/360 helps you create an email, stuff it in an envelope, and it addresses it for you, but it must be dropped off at a virtual "post office" or "courier." At this point, Andar/360 hands off your email to an email server called an SMTP server (Simple Mail Transport Protocol). The SMTP server provider you use is your decision. Andar Software offers the use of our SMTP server as well as DNS management, as a service. You can also pay another provider or opt to set up your SMTP server. It's essential to make sure that you have correctly configured the SMTP server and your DNS records.

Continue reading to get more details on the process and make sure all your bases are covered!

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