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Andar/360 gives you a complete picture of your donors and fundraising campaigns. It is a donor-centric fundraising solution where all activity for a donor, prospect, or workplace is connected to one record. It manages your prospect communication, pledge processing, donor designations, donor choice allocations, workplace campaigns, individual leadership gifts, and more. Setup, manage, and report on multiple concurrent campaigns while automatic workflows keep you on top of next steps. Dashboards and bio tabs help keep your most important information and stats at your fingertips.

Andar/360 is an integrated solution whose reach extends to all areas of your organization through CRM, email marketing, online giving, website design, volunteer management, event listings, and an API to connect to your other software tools.

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Major Individual Gift (MIG)

Major gifts are often the result of a combination of passion, timing, and a long-term commitment to relationship building. The Major Individual Gift (MIG) module operates within Andar/360 presenting a holistic view of all interactions with current and prospective donors. Toss your separate spreadsheets and track your moves management, workflows, wealth profiles, competitive giving, multi-year gifts, preferred gift month, and more with all of your other donor information.

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Executive Plus

Every organization, executive, and manager has their own Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that are specific to their business needs. Being able to have quick access to the information in an easy to interpret and concise manner can improve the performance of their business. Andar Executive Plus provides the data extraction and data visualization tools for system administrators to build advanced, interactive Executive Dashboard components. This helps the decision makers to quickly analyze Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and other critical corporate data.

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Credit Card & ACH Processor (CCAP)

Andar/360 offers an optional "Credit Card and ACH Processor" (CCAP) module. This module allows credit card and ACH transactions to be authorized and processed electronically and automatically. Without this module, credit card and ACH transactions need to be processed manually outside of Andar. With CCAP, whether the transactions are received through e-Pledge, other electronic methods through lockbox, or paper forms, the credit card and ACH transactions can be automatically processed and the funds deposited in the fundraiser's bank account. CCAP currently processes all transactions through PayPal's Payflow Pro product or through CyberSource.

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Data Policy

Andar Software is a leading provider of cost-effective, enterprise-wide fundraising and community support software to nonprofit organizations. Drawing on its 15 years of service and experience with the nonprofit sector, Andar Software offers within its "Andar Fundraising Software" an integrated suite of products that addresses the various missions of nonprofits.

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Are you dreading having to manually calculate processing and fundraising fees to be Standard-M compliant? Andar/360's Standard-M module will do the calculations for you and prepare the reports you need to conform to the Standard. Whether you are a processor or a recipient of pre-processed gifts from another United Way, the Standard-M module will do the dirty job for you.

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Microsoft Outlook Connector

Microsoft Outlook is a very powerful communication and time management tool. It plays a vital role in building relationships with constituents. But critical emails sent or received by one staff member are seldom circulated to other staff involved with the constituent. In addition, Outlook contact information such as addresses and telephone numbers is often inconsistent from one staff to another. Because constituents relate with staff from several departments within your organization, it is essential that constituents feel as if they are dealing with the organization as a whole regardless of whom they communicate with. With Andar/360's MSOutlook Connector module, your staff can collaborate and share information regarding constituents and relationship building activities.

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Andar/360's web-based e-Community suite meets your supporters where they spend much of their time - online. They are integrated solutions for online giving, volunteer management, outcomes & allocations, mobile access, event management, and data connections. These modules are built into your Andar/360 database to give you up to the minute campaign information and one-on-one, personalized, two-way communication with your supporters.

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Allocations and Outcomes

Andar Software is a leading provider of cost-effective, enterprise-wide fundraising and community support software to nonprofit organizations. Drawing on its 15 years of service and experience with the nonprofit sector, Andar Software offers within its "Andar Fundraising Software", an integrated suite of products that addresses the various missions of nonprofits.

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e-Pledge allows non-profit organizations to run online giving campaigns for corporate employees or residential donors. Donations made through e-Pledge are entered in Andar/360 giving all staff and campaign coordinators a real-time picture of their fundraising progress. You can also send emails to donors, set up shopping cart giving pages, create general donation pages for individual donors, and design the website with your branding, messaging, and media.

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Andar e-Volunteer provides volunteer matching management through an easy-to-use website. As a member of the Andar/360 e-Community Suite of products, e-Volunteer is fully integrated into Andar's fundraising database, allowing organizations to have a complete view of the members of their community. Since volunteers may also make donations, Andar has the ability to display both volunteering and giving activities in one integrated individual account. The website management functions of the Andar e-Community Suite allow volunteers and donors to experience a consistently branded website.

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We carry computers in our pockets, so why is our donor data still chained to our desks? With i-Access you get a mobile friendly view of your Andar/360 accounts through your personal i-Access website. You can search for and add new accounts, view dashboards, enter communication logs, and more. Now you'll never have to worry about losing that napkin of notes you hurriedly scribbled after your donor meeting or double enter them in multiple places. Your follow-up and note entry can be done within minutes of leaving your meetings. It's more efficient and sets you up for stronger relationships.

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Your event attendees are interested and invested in your mission. Don't leave them behind. Integrate your event management into your donor management system to set up, accept registrations for, manage, and report on the outcomes of your events. Your event history, attendees, and outcomes will automatically live with your donor data so that you can look at these programs with your fundraising efforts. And you can easily incorporate these invested attendees into your communication plans.

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Andar/360 API Module

If you manage other software solutions that contain prospect, donor, or financial information, the Andar/360 API Module can connect your Andar/360 database to these outside systems. Don't leave any systems behind and get a full picture of your fundraising.

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