Allocations & Outcomes

Andar Software is a leading provider of cost-effective, enterprise-wide fundraising and community support software to nonprofit organizations. Drawing on its 15 years of service and experience with the nonprofit sector, Andar Software offers within its "Andar Fundraising Software", an integrated suite of products that addresses the various missions of nonprofits.


The Allocations and Outcomes module provides the tools for nonprofit organizations to streamline cumbersome allocation processes and measure the community impact of their funded programs.

This module is fully integrated into Andar Fundraising Software database and the e-Pledge module. This allows information to be entered and maintained by the agencies through the web into a single integrated database and then shared by all departments within the fundraising organization.


  • A single database of integrated information that eliminates the need for multiple databases and spreadsheets throughout the organization.
  • A Web based funding application process that reduces the number of forms required from agencies, and lets agencies enter their data once through the Web.
  • Streamlines and speeds up the submission process and eliminates the need for the re-keying of data.
  • Increased information sharing between departments within the organization.

Features And Functions

Allocation Panels / Vision Councils

  • Members, volunteers
  • Community outcomes
  • Community indicators
  • Mission, Goals, Objectives
  • Unlimited organized notes

Agency Profile

  • Address, phone
  • Contacts
  • Board members
  • Volunteers, staff members
  • Mission, Goals, Objectives
  • Budgets
  • Diversity statements
  • Unlimited organized notes

Program Profile

  • Contacts
  • Mission, Goals, Objectives
  • Budgets
  • Organizations/employees served
  • Demographics served
  • Allocation amounts and history
  • Inputs
  • Staff
  • Government funding
  • Other funding
  • Activities
  • Measured outputs
  • Indicators
  • Measurement criteria definition
  • Data sources
  • Tools
  • Agency and staff comments
  • Social conditions
  • Unlimited organized notes
  • Outcomes and Reporting