Andar e-Volunteer provides volunteer matching management through an easy-to-use website. As a member of the Andar/360 e-Community Suite of products, e-Volunteer is fully integrated into Andar's fundraising database, allowing organizations to have a complete view of the members of their community. Since volunteers may also make donations, Andar has the ability to display both volunteering and giving activities in one integrated individual account. The website management functions of the Andar e-Community Suite allow volunteers and donors to experience a consistently branded website.

As a Broker/Website Administrator Organization

Andar e-Volunteer allows organizations to act as brokers between volunteers and agencies that create volunteer opportunities. All information is automatically stored in the Andar database and is available for reporting. Most “broker” functions are automatic in Andar; the agency and volunteers are matched and they may communicate with each other through the same website. The broker’s responsibility is to review information before it is published on the web, whereas the website administrator’s responsibility is to manage the website branding and general content.

The broker/website administrator organization is able to

  • Accept or reject agency registrations.
  • Accept or reject new or changed volunteer opportunities before they are published on the web.
  • Brand and customize the volunteer web pages.
  • Create “events” and allow volunteer opportunities to be associated with these events.
  • Produce numerous reports on the volunteers and opportunities.

As an Agency

Andar e-Volunteer enables agencies in the community to login to a secure website to manage volunteers and volunteer opportunities. Agencies could also use the same website and user login to manage funding applications and outcome measurements through the integrated Andar Allocations & Outcomes module. The broker/administrator organization can also login as an agency to manage volunteers and volunteer opportunities.

The agency is able to

  • Register online prior to submitting volunteer opportunities.
  • Create and maintain volunteer opportunities online.
  • Manage opportunities that are viewable to employees of this agency only.
  • Be notified of interested volunteers via email.
  • Review the list of interested volunteers online.
  • Manage the assignment of volunteers to opportunities.
  • email volunteers directly from the website.
  • Access numerous reports online.

As an Anonymous Volunteer

Volunteers can remain totally anonymous when searching the Andar e-Volunteer opportunity database.

The anonymous volunteer can

  • Perform quick searches to find opportunities that match areas of interest, events, postal code, and keywords.
  • Access an advanced search web page where specific skill sets, time ranges, locations, etc., can be indicated.
  • List all available opportunities at a specific agency or event, or within a particular interest category.
  • Register to access additional functions (see below).

As a Registered Volunteer

Anyone can register on the website to create a permanent account in Andar.

The registered volunteer can

  • Have a permanent user ID and password that can be used 24/7.
  • Be notified automatically via email of new opportunities that match selected criteria.
  • Express interest in selected opportunities and have volunteer-specified contact information emailed automatically to the agency.
  • Manage the list of selected opportunities.
  • Review a calendar of volunteer time commitments.

As an Employer

For-profit corporations can purchase and install Andar on their own private networks to manage their own workplace fundraising campaigns as well as manage employee volunteerism. Corporations can perform the same functions as described above for volunteer broker/Website administrator organizations, and agencies.

Andar e-Volunteer can manage volunteer opportunities that are open to employees only and, optionally, publish opportunities to the public at large.