Microsoft Outlook Connector

Microsoft Outlook is a very powerful communication and time management tool. It plays a vital role in building relationships with constituents. But critical emails sent or received by one staff member are seldom circulated to other staff involved with the constituent. In addition, Outlook contact information such as addresses and telephone numbers is often inconsistent from one staff to another. Because constituents relate with staff from several departments within your organization, it is essential that constituents feel as if they are dealing with the organization as a whole regardless of whom they communicate with.With Andar/360's MSOutlook Connector module, your staff can collaborate and share information regarding constituents and relationship building activities.


  • Emails and calendar appointments can be automatically uploaded from Outlook directly into Andar/360's communication log.
  • Sender, recipient, cc'd, and bcc'd email addresses are used by Andar/360 to automatically link all parties involved to the communication log entry.
  • You decide which email to upload into Andar/360 by selecting specific Outlook folders, categories, levels of importance, and/or degree of sensitivity. You also decide how often Andar/360 should check Outlook for updates.
  • Communication logs can also be automatically restricted to specific groups of staff based on your configuration settings.
  • email attachments can also be uploaded and attached to communication logs.
  • You decide which individual and organization accounts are to be uploaded into which contact folder in Outlook.
  • Andar/360 individual and organization accounts are downloaded into Outlook along with their complete Andar/360 profile. Contacts are linked to employers and other organizations within Outlook.
  • Andar/360 plans are bi-directionally synchronized with Outlook tasks. You decide which plans to synchronize into which Outlook task folder.
  • In all of the above, private or public Outlook folders can be specified.
  • MSOutlook Connector can also be configured to connect directly with your Exchange Server or Office 365.
  • Contacts and appointments can be synchronized directly through Exchange or Office 365.
  • An email address can be created for Andar. All emails forward or copied to Andar’s email address will also be uploaded into Andar.


  • Andar/360's MSOutlook Connector will centralize CRM functions in Andar/360 and extend the power of Outlook for individual communications to the enterprise level.
  • Andar/360 will be a central repository of all communications with donors and key stakeholders. Any staff member authorized to the communication tab of an account in Andar/360 can view all emails sent/received to/from that account.
  • Andar/360's MSOutlook Connector eliminates the need to manage contacts in Outlook. Contact information is controlled through Andar/360 to ensure that enterprise data policies are enforced.
  • Outlook tasks can track your Andar/360 plan activities. Outlook task functionality is extended by Andar/360's sophisticated plan management and assignment systems.
  • System-wide settings will reduce the configuration requirements at client workstations.
  • Standard Outlook synchronization products can be used to bring Andar/360 information to your PDA.