Executive Plus

Andar Executive Plus takes you further and makes it easier!

Why do you need Andar Executive Plus?

Every organization, executive, and manager has their own Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that are specific to their business needs. Being able to have quick access to the information in an easy to interpret and concise manner can improve the performance of their business.

What will Andar Executive Plus do?

Andar Executive Plus provides the data extraction and data visualization tools for system administrators to build advanced, interactive Executive Dashboard components. This helps the decision makers to quickly analyze Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and other critical corporate data.

Benefits of Andar Executive Plus

Beyond Andar

Andar Executive Plus extends Andar’s data mining capabilities and will take you beyond Andar. The KPIs will be displayed in Andar, but the information source can be Andar or other SQL databases.

At a Glance

Andar Executive Plus offers graphical tools to produce visually compelling displays of data, making it possible for the decision makers to view the performance of their KPIs "at-a-glance." The KPIs can be displayed in bar charts, pie charts, thermometers, or tables.


Andar Executive Plus allows custom queries to be saved in Andar. This feature offers great flexibility for the system administrators to create Executive Dashboard components that will extract whatever data their decision makers need.

Drill-Down Capability

Having the options to drill down into data is critical for gaining insight into more specific areas. Andar Executive Plus makes it easy for system administrators to build each individual Executive Plus component and then assemble them into a package that contains multiple levels of components to perform the drill-down tasks.

Personalized Executive Dashboard

Different executives and managers will need different KPIs to support their views of the business. They can choose which KPI to appear on their Executive Dashboard and change the KPIs based on their needs.

Customizable Bio Tabs (or Account Specific KPIs )

Andar Executive Plus components can be added to account Bio tabs to extract account specific KPIs. Account specific KPIs can be displayed and monitored from the Executive Dashboard and the account Bio tab.

User Friendly Interface

Andar Executive Plus makes it extremely easy for the busy decision makers to build their personalized Executive Dashboards. With a few clicks, they can simply select and add the Executive Plus components to their Dashboard. The bar charts, pie charts, thermometers, and tables require no training from the user to perform data manipulation.

Real-Time Tracking

Once added to the Dashboard or the Bio tabs, Andar Executive Plus components will provide decision makers with instant snapshots of their KPIs so they can be fully productive in assessing, analyzing and acting on the fluctuations in KPI values.