e-Pledge is the cornerstone of Andar/360's e-Community Suite of Modules. It allows nonprofit organizations to run online giving campaigns either for residential givers or corporate employees.

An Integrated Solution

Andar e-Pledge stands apart from most other online giving software by virtue of its security-controlled, direct, real-time link to the Andar Fundraising Software database. Most other products operate in a way that is not real-time and that requires periodic transfer of data between the web server and the donor management or fundraising database.

The Andar e-Pledge solution, thanks to its advanced Java-based technology, does away with these problems, by linking the web pages directly to the single donor database. This means that new pledges entered via the web are immediately visible to the campaigners, both in the donor’s history and in the campaign summaries. It also means that the company’s Employee Campaign Co-ordinator (ECC) can view the status of their online giving workplace campaign, including all employee pledges, whether entered by the employee via the web, or, entered by personnel from paper pledge forms and other sources.

e-Pledge/CRM also supports residential fundraising campaigns through a "donate now" button. Additionally, donors or prospects could be sent an email to invite them to your public web site where they could donate.

Andar/360 vs. Others

Administrators Can

  • Customize the general content of the web pages: logo, mission statement, special text, etc.
  • Customize the appearance of the employee web pages: such as specify the company logo, select background color, or enter company specific text. This co-branding can differ by company branch office, location, department, or be set globally.
  • Upload employee data in the system and cause the system to automatically send employee sign-on information (ID and password) to each employee via email.

Campaigners Can

  • View up-to-the-minute campaign summaries and complete donor history.
  • Receive notification by email whenever a donor enters a leadership pledge.

Employee Campaign Co-ordinators Can

  • Print up-to-the-minute campaign management data, such as total pledged, number of donors, average gift, per capita gift, company defined goal, etc. for the current campaign as compared to previous campaigns, for each location and overall.
  • Print lists of employees who
    1. Have pledged - whether through the web or via traditional paper pledge forms or via other means
    2. Have responded “no pledge this year” via the web or other means
    3. Have not yet recorded a response.
  • Print detailed pledge history of any specific employee, but limited to pledges submitted through the campaign of this company only (i.e. no residential pledges or pledges submitted through other employers will be seen), thus ensuring donor privacy.
  • All reports are available in Adobe Acrobat or spreadsheet format.

Employee Donors Can

  • Enter a pledge: Payroll, Credit Card, “Bill Me,” cash, check, or securities.
  • Enter a “no pledge this year” response. The system will record the fact that the employee has visited the web site but not pledged, and allows the ECC (and the Campaigner) to view a list of employees who have recorded some response whether they have given or not, versus those who have not recorded any response.
  • Enter designations from a campaign-specific list of agencies and Service Categories.
  • View pertinent information about any agency and link to their web site if available.
  • View the overall status of his/her company’s campaign both at the company level and at the location level. Perhaps view the campaign status of a rival company or of a rival location within the company.
  • Review his/her account anytime - including a list of the 100 most recent pledge transactions, including residential gifts and gifts pledged through previous employers.
  • For employers that don’t release employee lists to the fundraiser, the employee can register to create an account before proceeding to the online giving pages.

All of the above is made possible by Andar e-Pledge’s unique “Real-Time, Live Data” feature.

An Employee Campaign Example

  • Company supplies list of employees, including email addresses. Andar Connector imports data into your Andar database.
  • Andar sends an email message containing a user ID and password to each employee.
  • Employees log onto your web site and enter their pledges and designations - directly in your Andar donor database. These are immediately visible to campaign staff in your fundraising organization.
  • The company’s Employee Campaign Coordinator monitors the progress of the campaign by accessing authorized data online.
  • The employees’ payroll pledges are downloaded to the company’s payroll department, for payroll deductions processing.
An Employee Campaign Example