i-Attend is the cost-effective way to process online event registrations. i-Attend allows the general public, specific groups, and employees to register for events online. It makes it easy for you to publish and promote events, customize the registration page, collect credit card payments, track registration details in Andar, and update the attendees with e-mails and newsletters. i-Attend will keep you organized and ensure your event is a success!

Benefits of Andar i-Attend

Save Money - One Time License Fee

Once you acquire i-Attend, you can process unlimited number of online event registrations without extra costs. There are no license fees per event and no license fees per registration.

Save Time - Integrated with Andar

One of the most time-consuming necessities of any event is managing the attendee data. i-Attend will streamline this process. Upon registration, the attendee details will be automatically captured on the event account in Andar. This will save you the hassle of re-entering or electronically uploading the attendee data.

Easy to Set Up

i-Attend provides default web pages with the built-in event registration and payment processing features. If you have already set up any other Andar/460 e-Community component, you can simply link to the i-Attend web page from a web page or an e-mail to start online registration. The default web pages can be customized easily with web notes.

Multiple Fee Structures

i-Attend will process various fees and discounts automatically. Multiple fees are allowed within events to accommodate different tables or seats. Discount coupons are supported. You can also have no fees meetings and other internal functions.

Online Payment Options

i-Attend provides a secure way to automatically process credit card payments. Registrants can also be allowed to pay later or pay as a corporate gift.

Automatic e-Mails

Upon registration, the registrants can request automatic confirmation e-mails online. The list of attendees in Andar/460 can be saved into Mailing Lists for sending mass invitations, reminders, or newsletters.

Instant Registration Reports

i-Attend provides real-time attendance report and registration fee report to track registration details. Custom data analysis can be done with Data Mining Operations.

Promoting Upcoming Events

The online event calendar will give the web visitors a quick view of the upcoming events with links to the registration page.