The web is an indispensable business tool that allows nonprofit organizations to reach out to their communities. To be effective, communication must be two-way and real-time. Andar e-Community Suite is a group of modules that integrate the web live into the Andar database. It enables one-on-one, personalized, two-way communication with constituents. When using the Andar e-Community Suite, website visitors can pledge online, search for volunteering opportunities, and communicate with your organization through a single website.


The Andar e-Community Suite’s e-Pledge module can be used to collect unsolicited e-gifts from your web visitors as well as collect gifts from targeted campaigns. Also, e-Pledge supports local and national workplace campaigns. Employees can login, pledge, and designate their gifts through a secure and easy-to-use web page. Employee campaign coordinators can use e-Pledge to manage employee participation, send emails, and order campaign monitoring reports. Coordinators can also manage company-specific volunteering opportunities through Andar e-Community Suite’s e-Volunteer module. Employees can search through these opportunities and apply for what interests them.

Because e-Pledge is managed by your organization, you can monitor the status of the online giving campaign and obtain consolidated information from all employee campaigns on one screen or report. All employee online giving and volunteering information is live and centralized in one single Andar database, thereby giving you a complete picture of your constituents.

Affiliated Agencies

The Andar e-Community Suite’s e-Volunteer module also allows you and your affiliated agencies to create and manage volunteering opportunities and to mass email volunteers through a single website. Agencies can also use the web to apply for funding from your organization through the web-enabled Allocations & Outcomes module. Funding applications are linked to outcomes measurement data that agencies and program administrators can enter through the web. Your organization’s funds allocation department can assess and use this information as a basis for funding recommendations.

For-Profit Organizations

Many for-profit companies have employee privacy policies that prevent nonprofit organizations from running workplace online giving campaigns targeted at their employees. Some of these for-profit companies have chosen to purchase and install Andar within their own internal networks, which allows them to better control access to information. Helix partners with nonprofit organizations to administer the Andar Fundraising Software and to deliver a coordinated message to prospective donors. The nonprofit organization is then given access to the results of the campaign without compromising employee privacy.


Andar e-Community Suite is a highly secure website system that is hosted by your organization. This means that you keep complete control of your data--it never needs to leave your organization.

When using Application Service Providers (ASPs), data needs to be moved between your organization and the ASP's system. This can expose your data as it travels through the Internet. Also, multiple copies of your data could be left unprotected on numerous workstations used in the transfer process. Because Andar is hosted by your organization, these situations never occur.

Andar e-Community Suite has numerous security features that ensure your data is kept secure:

  • The Andar database is secured behind your firewall, thus protecting your data from intruders, while the Andar e-Community Suite website is accessible in a secured demilitarized zone (DMZ).
  • The Andar database is further protected using two levels of SQL Authentication and application-level security that limit exposures. Users of Andar are even prevented from accessing the database through other software such as MS Excel or MS Access unless specifically authorized.
  • Sensitive data such as donor bank account numbers (for EFT) and key individual identifiers are encrypted in the Andar database using industry-standard 3DES encryption.
  • The Andar e-Community Suite is developed using industry-standard methodologies and follows the “Open Web Application Security Project” (OWASP) guidelines (http://www.owasp.org ).
  • The Andar e-Community Suite has been audited by many of our customers as well as by Buchanan Associates using white-box methodologies.


Integration is the most mission-critical feature of the Andar e-Community Suite. When information is entered by website visitors through any Andar e-Community Suite module, it is immediately present in the Andar Fundraising Software database--no re-keying or data transfer is required. This saves nonprofit organizations time and money, and eliminates countless errors. Because the different modules are also integrated with each other, the website visitors view consistent-looking web pages and a consistently branded message. Most importantly, Andar e-Community Suite allows your organization to keep all of your data secure within your own network--it is not transmitted to numerous third party hosting facilities.

Andar e-Community Suite Vision

Andar e-Community Suite is a rapidly growing product. Soon web visitors will be tracked and analyzed as they visit your e-Community website. Their interests will be calculated and made available to your Andar direct marketing campaigns as well as being used to customize web page content to further entice them to play a more significant role with your organization and community. Affiliated agencies will be able to publish website content that can be targeted to web visitors based on their interests and pages visited.

All of these functions enable nonprofit organizations to better service their communities and to better communicate with their constituents through one powerful point of contact–-the World Wide Web.


The Andar e-Community Suite is a highly customizable website. Nonprofit organizations can taylor web page “skins” specifically to their organization and/or affiliates. This is most valuable when Andar is used to run e-Pledge workplace campaigns where company employees view web pages co-branded with company-specific information. e-Pledge also supports national workplace campaigns where employees nationwide can access a single website that is customized with content and messaging specific to the employee's local workplace and community. Customizations can be targeted to a specific donor, group of donors, company/location, campaign, nonprofit chapter, etc.

Andar e-Community Suite Modules

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