Major Individual Gift (MIG)

A Major Individual Gift is a gift given with passion and the desire to make a meaningful contribution. For the nonprofit organization, cultivation of such gifts often requires a long term commitment in the relationship building and cultivation process with constituents. Andar's Major Individual Gift (MIG) module provides many of the tools essential to this process. In keeping with Andar's integrated model, MIG is not an isolated module. Instead, it is a growing list of features and functions integrated throughout the entire Andar/360 product to deliver advanced donor management capabilities and a superior foundation for a successful Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) strategy. MIG is not just for Major Gifts Officers; it's also for any staff with development or relationship building responsibilities and activities.

Wealth Profiling

Many nonprofit organizations retain the services of analytics research firms to provide wealth, demographic, psychographic, and other information about select constituents. MIG provides the ability to mass-import and append this information to constituent profiles. Analytics data fields of interest can be placed on your constituent's dashboard, or they can be combined with any other constituent information using data mining operations for segmentation purposes.

Expectancy Gifts

Andar is not just a powerful transaction processing engine. With MIG, it also allows resource development staff to enter and track expected gifts from constituents without the paperwork usually requested by the finance department for transaction entry. All of the information about the gift can be entered and monitored on your dashboard. When the actual gift comes in, the finance department will be notified of the expectancy gift and they will be given the option to link the expectancy gift to the real financial transaction.

Gift Relationships

Gifts are not just simple financial transactions. They typically involve many constituents that need to be thanked and recognized. In the case of a corporate gift from a law firm, for example, each partner may need to receive a thank you letter as well as be recognized as a leadership-level giver. The volunteer(s) involved in soliciting the gift may also need to be thanked through a different letter. All of these relationships are entered with each transaction. Similarly, foundation gifts, donor advised funds, etc., use relationships to properly chart these complex gifts. With MIG, your thank you letters are given a name and assigned to your gifts and gift relationships to ensure that each donor is properly thanked.


A workflow is a step-by-step description of an organization's core business processes. Your workflows should describe how to manage an annual event, run an employee campaign, and convert a prospect into a major donor. With MIG's enhancements to tasks and plan management, your processes are fully described and orchestrated into intelligent workflows with decision points, sub-plans, and links to other Andar functions such as data mining, surveys, communications, and touch points. Collaboration is key to performing some tasks. As such, Andar can assign specific tasks to a team, and any member of the team can complete the task. MIG also offers the dashboard tools to monitor and manage workflows from various perspectives. Staff can track their "to-do" lists, and executives can monitor staff progress and measure productivity.

Moves Management

Fundraisers could be thought of as the sales persons of nonprofit organizations. Pioneers such as G.T. Smith and David Dunlop have developed the "Moves Management" model to formalize the process of major gifts fundraising. With this model, prospects are systematically "moved" from one state to another on their way to becoming major donors. MIG implements Moves Management using prospect codes, and offers the ability to monitor all touch points as your prospects are moved through the model. With the help of dashboards, resource development staff executives can use MIG to monitor their staff's progress and ensure goals are achieved. From one easy dashboard, staff can also view their prospect pipeline, sales funnel, and conversion rates, as well as manage their constituent communication strategy. Prospect codes in MIG are key to rating and measuring prospects. Every touch point is organized and rated. MIG automatically monitors touch points and lets you know when they should be moved to the next state. Your prospect's linkage, ability, and interests can also be assigned a rating system to assist in the evaluation of prospects.


With Andar's dashboards, you can summarize, filter, organize, and customize the information you need to be productive. Dashboards are more than just information displays; they also allow you to perform many of your daily functions such as task and communication management. Unlike many other applications, Andar provides system-level dashboards as well as constituent-level dashboards. You can create powerful dashboards as customized views of your constituent profiles. But your constituents are not all the same: some are more focused on volunteerism, some are large donors, and some are your best advocates. Others still are highly involved with your organization as donors, volunteers, and advocates combined. MIG provides the tools to display different constituent dashboards based on your segmentation strategy. Now you can customize your dashboards based on your relationship with each specific constituent. Furthermore, the flexibility and ease-of-customization of dashboards make them perfect for creating custom reports by selecting only the information you need to see. MIG uses Web-based technologies to create graphically enhanced, full color reports such as major donor profile reports or corporate CEO call reports. These can be printed on demand or mass-printed.


Andar's data mining function offers very powerful segmentation tools where constituent profiles can be selected based on any information stored in Andar. Andar's ranking function are enhanced with MIG to rank constituents on event participation, volunteer assignments, volunteer hours, RUM dollars, contact relationships, communication entries, touch records, touch points, online visits, etc. Furthermore, these rankings can be segmented into "quintiles" by default or any other user defined segments. MIG also has comprehensive loyalty scoring algorithms based on rankings and segmentation. You can also automatically generate trend analysis for any of your loyalty scores.

Donor Statistics

Understanding your donor's loyalty is critical to building strong relationships. MIG's donor statistics dashboard item regroups data from many areas of Andar into one summary panel. Here you'll find a brief giving and payment summary, a designation summary by area, Resource Under Management (RUM) versus non-RUM dollars, as well as volunteer involvement and event participation. The summary also includes trends indicating whether metrics are increasing or decreasing and at what rate.

Change Management

Staying on top of changes occurring within your constituent profiles is an essential part of donor management, and Andar can assist by emailing each account manager a weekly report of all changes to their accounts. MIG also expands on the alert function currently available in the e-Pledge module into other parts of Andar. As large gifts are entered through data entry or are mass-imported through AndarConnector, an alert email can be sent to the account manager.

Multi-Year Payments

Major donors often make large pledges to be paid in specific amounts on specific dates. With MIG, Andar provides enhancements to billing schedules to support these payment requests.

Competitive Gifts

Knowing your competition is key in any business. A competitor's best customers are often your best prospects. Your competitor's donor lists published on their web sites or in their annual reports can be entered through MIG and used to plan your donor acquisition strategy.

Gift Months

Donors have a tendency to give at the same time every year. MIG automatically monitors every donor's giving pattern and selects their preferred month for giving. This information can be used on your dashboard or through data mining to solicit donors at the right time.

Hot Buttons

Your best constituents require special handling. Many have "must-know" items that everyone on staff should be aware of before dealing with them. "Hot Buttons" track these critical items. A window of all Hot Buttons will automatically pop up whenever the constituent or its combined givers are touched.

Step-Up Programs

Many organizations offer step-up programs where donors commit an annual increase of their gift to reach a leadership level within a prescribed number of years. With MIG's step-up programs, you can define the number of years and the steps required to attain the leadership level. Andar can report on the donors at each step of the program as well as whether they are current, short, lapsed, completed, or dropped out.

Multi-Year Campaigns

Nonprofit organizations use multi-year campaigns to track their endowment or capital campaigns. Andar's MIG module includes numerous enhancements to allow selection of specific campaigns for reporting purposes, and also provides summary totals by campaign. New reports and summary dashboard items are available to not only view annual progress but also to view campaign-to-date totals.

Deceased Constituents

MIG provides a "care of" relationship so that communications can be automatically forwarded to a surviving family member. With this function, you can maintain your relationship with the family while being sensitive to tragic events.

Communication Preferences

Major donors require special consideration. They often specify the kind of information they wish to receive and when. With MIG, communication preferences can be entered for each constituent.

Relationship Tree (Circle of Friends)

Andar is well known for tracking a multitude of relationships between and across organization and individual profiles. MIG adds the ability to quickly navigate through all relationships using an easy-to-use relationship tree.

RSS/Atom Newsfeed

The Internet is a great source of up-to-the-minute news and press releases. MIG integrates with popular newsfeeds to provide updated news about your constituents. A newsfeed item can be added to your constituent dashboard to complement the information already in Andar.