Andar/360 Overview

Andar/360 is a comprehensive software system that runs either on a standalone PC, or in a client/server network environment. The network can be as small as a two-client local area network or as large as desired. Andar/360 addresses the needs of fundraisers through a donor-centric database where each donor or prospect has a single profile, through which all donor related information is available for review or update.

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Functional areas of the software include:

  • Campaign Planning
  • Campaign Management including Workplace Campaigns
  • Leadership tracking and information
  • Pledge processing
  • Donor designations
  • Donor / Campaign history and reporting
  • Prospecting
  • Relationship management
  • Volunteer and staff management
  • Integrated Communication tools

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


The Andar/360 CRM strategy positions your constituents at the center of your organization. Andar's integrated database consolidates, into a single profile, all information about your constituents' involvement in your community and with your organization. Andar provides a holistic view of your constituents and offers indispensable tools for building strong relationships.

The key to a successful CRM strategy is an organization's ability to collaborate across departments in building relationships with constituents. Collaboration is facilitated when business silos are eliminated and departments share a common database. Everyone must work together, on the same platform, at gathering information in order to build a complete picture of the constituent. Andar/360 provides a strong transaction processing engine, and gathers knowledge from all constituent interactions—including donations, designations, event participation, communications, direct mail, volunteerism, relationships, interests, demographics, preferences, online activities, etc.—into one fully integrated database. Having all of this information accessible in your CRM system is absolutely critical to building strong relationships. Andar/360 is the logical choice for your CRM solution.

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Multiple Salutations, Names, Addresses, etc.

Donors can be addressed in several ways (Mr. John Smith; Mr. Smith; Mr. & Mrs. Smith) and many addresses can be recorded (Home, Winter Residence, Workplace, etc.). Similarly, accounts can have multiple names, “Also Known As” (AKA), maiden name, etc. Names, addresses, and salutations can be selected depending on the circumstances.

Handling Duplicate Accounts

Whenever a new account is created, Andar/360 automatically checks and notifies the user if the account is a potential duplicate. A comprehensive “de-duping” function will search the database for possible duplicate accounts and merge them if desired.

On-Line History

Andar/360 maintains an unlimited number of years of account history. Most information such as employment, other names, demographics, have associated “effective” and “expiry” dates enabling changes to be tracked. The history feature also enables the tracking of a donor’s history of giving over time.

No Redundancy of Information

Andar/360 stores the information collected by different departments of your organization together in a single place. An individual's name and address are recorded only once in the system, even if that individual is any or all of the following: a volunteer, a member, an employee, a contact, a donor, etc. A person giving at home and through the workplace has a single account number and profile. All information, including donation amounts is summarized into one account profile.

Entity-Relationship Model

Andar/360 is based on two account profile types: Organizations and Individuals. Each profile is identified by a unique account number. Profiles are related to each other via relationships. For example, an individual could have an “employee” relationship to one organization, a “contact” or “membership” relationship to another organization, a “spousal” relationship to another donor, etc. While viewing the information of one account profile, you are only one mouse click away from viewing any of the related profiles. Similarly, organizations can also be related. For example, each location of an organization might have a subsidiary relationship with its parent organization, and so on.

Entity-Relationship Model

User-defined Information Types

Andar/360 enables users to define, organize and track an unlimited amount of account information. The user can define “information types” such as demographics, dates, and financials, etc. Andar/360 can track assets, net worth, salary, even the number of cars, pets, anniversary dates, and birth dates. This information can then be used, in conjunction with other determining factors in the creation of mailing lists, or in the analysis of accounts for marketing or relationship management purposes.

User-defined Information Types

User-defined Information Types


Progress Tracking

Andar/360 provides on-line, “up to the second” information tracking, both at the account level and at any level of any of the campaign structures. Information including "goal," "verbals," "un-audited," "projected," etc., can be tracked, either on-line or by printed report, as the campaign progresses.

Soft Credits

Andar/360 allows for tracking of soft credits or "Memo Gifts," where an organization may match a donor's gift with "real" dollars while the donor is given a “Memo Gift” so that leadership-giving levels can be recognized.

User-Defined Campaign "Types"

The user can define any number of "campaign types" or "donation types" such as "Corporate," "Employee," “Individual,” "Special Event," etc., and record and summarize pledges accordingly.

Multiple Concurrent Campaigns

Andar/360 allows users to run and manage any number of campaigns such as the "Annual Campaign," the "Volunteer Campaign,” the "National Campaign,” at the same time, through the same database. The individual or organization account history shows the history for each campaign as well as combined totals for all campaigns.

Individual Relationships

Any number of individual relationship types (Parent/Child, Spouse, Cousin, Neighbor, Golf Buddy, etc.) can be defined and recorded between any pair or group of individuals. Furthermore, relationship types can be organized in groups and subgroups so that family relationships can be grouped together versus business relationships, or personal relationships.

Individual Relationships

Organizational Relationships

Any number of relationship types (Parent/Subsidiary, Billing, etc.) can be defined and recorded between any pair or group of organizations. The historical information of parent organization accounts will show total pledges by campaign accounts and campaign types for the conglomerate. Similarly, billing relationships can be used for direct billing of a particular transaction type to a specific organization in a conglomerate. The historical information of the billing account will show A/R totals from all accounts billed to it.

Relationships between Individual and Organization Accounts

Andar/360 records any gift from an individual, however, if the gift is pledged through the place of work, Andar/360 establishes an "Employer/Employee" relationship between the individual’s and the company’s account. If the same individual pledges independently through another campaign, all of the individual's gifts will appear on the account history screen with a calculated total for leadership achievement purposes. Accounts can also be “linked” or “related” to one another as a result of “contacts” or “memberships.” For example, the system will show that an individual donor is an alumnus of a particular university or a member of another group such as professional or personal memberships. Capturing these relationships in the database is very useful for marketing, and customer relationship management purposes.

Automatic Ranking

Andar/360 can automatically rank accounts by various criteria such as gift type, participation, etc. Since all accounts are ranked, the account profile window can show how the accounts rank against each other. Andar/360's powerful Data Mining tool can easily select the top 10, 100, 500, or 1000 accounts, in terms of any of the ranking criteria.

Multiple Structures

The “Multiple Structures” feature in Andar/360 offers the ability to define and create multiple simultaneous structures based on different sets of criteria. This feature is often used to segment accounts for analysis reasons or for the purpose of account relationship management.


Andar/360 has a plan feature that can assign activities against accounts at the organization or individual level. Each plan consists of the necessary activities or steps to be performed over a given time schedule. Staff members can be assigned responsibilities within the plan, by account and by activity. As well, each activity in the plan can be assigned to specific staff members. Each user of Andar/360 can view a list of the activities he/she is assigned, in the form of an activity calendar.

Campaign Plan

Account Structuring

In Andar/360, users have the ability to group accounts into manageable "sections," "divisions,” “groups.” The group structure is defined by the user and resembles an organization chart with the major groups located at the top, and each divided into sub-groupings as needed. Each group can be assigned any number of "managers" (staff or volunteer). In addition, each of these groups can be monitored, and reported on separately, or as part of the overall structure. The gifts from various "Campaigns" can be summarized by different groups. Similarly, the gifts from various "Campaign Types" can be summarized by group. Thus, staff or volunteers can be assigned the management of a group of accounts. Also, each group in the structure allows for the monitoring of total dollars and the setting of goals and projections.

Account Structuring

On-line Account Search

Andar/360 enables users to access any account profile with ease. Searches can be performed by account name or number, alphabetically or by keyword(s). The keyword search feature allows users to find accounts using any word(s), or partial word(s) that appear in the account name.

In Andar/360, users have the ability to group accounts into manageable "sections," "divisions,” “groups.” The group structure is defined by the user and resembles an organization chart with the major groups located at the top, and each divided into sub-groupings as needed. Each group can be assigned any number of "managers" (staff or volunteer). In addition, each of these groups can be monitored, and reported on separately, or as part of the overall structure. Both individual and organization accounts can also be retrieved by the "Bookmark" feature, or the "Recent" list which stores the last twenty accounts visited during that particular user session. “Bookmarks” are permanent and are restored every time the user accesses the system.

On-line Account Search - Example 1On-line Account Search - Example 2On-line Account Search - Example 3



Andar/360 allows for user-defined leadership levels for each campaign, for each year. For example, this year’s Annual Campaign leadership levels could be defined as follows: Other campaigns could have different levels and thresholds. The system automatically flags leaders as the processed pledges reach appropriate thresholds. User interaction is not required. If desired, leadership levels can be manually overridden for specific donors.

Level Threshold
Alexis De Tocqueville (ADT) $10,000 or more
Gold $5,000 or more
Silver $2,500 or more
Bronze $1,000 or more

Combined Leaders

Any number of individuals can have a "Combined Leader" relationship. This allows for spouses, entire families, extended families and friends to have their gifts combined. Andar/360 enables viewing of the individual gift as well as combined gifts, leadership level, and override level. A breakdown of the combined gift will show the contribution made by each member to the combined group amount, with a percentage of the total easily tracked, viewed, and reported.

Combined Leaders

Communication Log and Reminders

Communication Log

Andar/360 allows for the tracking of all donor, and prospect communication (phone calls, emails, letters, etc.). Comments about each communication can be logged in Andar/360's communication log system. The log entries contain all the necessary information and controls pertaining to each communication for easy classification, tracking and retrieval. The communication entry allows unlimited free form text and the ability to attach any PC document. Communication log entries can be organized into "conversation threads" showing the flow of communication from one call to the next.

Communication Log

Mailing Lists


Any number of mailing lists can be created, and any number of accounts can be attached to each list. Mailing lists can also be created in support of those lists purchased from mailing houses. Each mailing list specifies "pecking orders" for name, address, salutation, telephone, fax, and email address. Pecking orders determine the order in which the information is selected from the accounts in the list. For example, first select the "formal" salutation if there is one, otherwise select the "informal" salutation if there is one; otherwise create a “standard” salutation from the account name. Combined givers can automatically be combined for mailing so that only one letter is sent. The mailing list feature is integrated with Internet capability for distribution of emails.


When a mailing list is "used," Andar/360 creates a "Usage" which consists of the list of accounts with the resolved pecking order of name, address, salutation, and email address. This "Usage" is fixed in time. A "source code" can be assigned to each usage for tracking purposes. Once a mailing list usage is created, it can be downloaded onto a workstation for mail merging with a Microsoft Word document or sent to a mailing house. Mailing list usages can also be used for mass-emailing, fax, or telephone solicitations.

Tracking Responses

Andar/360's transaction entry screen contains a "source code" entry field to allow tracking of responses from mailings. When these transactions are processed, the mailing list usage is immediately updated with the total number of responses and total pledges, giving the user accurate and prompt response rates, as well as average gift calculations.

Notes, Alerts, Attachments


In Andar/360, the notes feature allows any number of free form notes to be attached to an account. For example, a note can be attached to a particular gift describing specific handling for that gift. Notes can be created and attached anywhere, but Andar/360 makes finding these notes effortless! All of the notes attached to an account are listed together on one screen, making them easy to find at all times.



In Andar/360, special notes called alerts can be attached to any account. Alerts will be displayed whenever the account is viewed or whenever a transaction is entered for that account.


Within the notes feature, a PC document or file can be attached to each note. The file could be a picture, scanned newspaper article, an Excel spreadsheet, a Word document, an email, or any other file that can be stored on the PC. Much like a library system, each attached document can be "checked-out" and copied onto the user's workstation in order for the user to modify it. This process "locks" the document so that no other user can modify it, but they can view the document contents. The date and the name of the user that has the document "checked out" are displayed on the note with the document name. When a user is finished updating the document, it can be "checked-in" again, allowing other users to “check it out” for further modifications.




Andar/360's pledge processing reflects the familiar “Balance Forward” model (as used by most department stores and credit card issuers) rather than the “Open Item” model. Whereas in the latter, payments are applied to specific pledges, in Andar/360 payments are applied against the balance owed within a Campaign, Campaign Type, and Campaign Year. If, for example, a donor has pledged twice as an individual in the local campaign in 2002, his/her payment simply reduces the balance owing for that gift type/campaign/year. There is no need to identify which of the two pledges is being paid. This means that a payment can be recorded against the account even if the pledge has not yet been received. The Balance Forward model used in Andar/360 provides a realistic financial view, while the Open Item model creates an environment where there is room for incorrect assumptions to be made. The ability to enter “batch” payments without having to assign a part of the payment to each individual pledge greatly speeds up payment processing runs.

Processing- Campaign HistoryProcessing- Organization Campaign History

Data Entry

Because Andar/360 is multi-tasking, one user can be changing a donor's address while another user is in the process of entering a pledge. Users can perform any other function while entering data, including running reports and creating accounts. The transaction entry window is designed to allow data entry without using the mouse. This greatly increases the speed at which information can be entered. Users can also create an unlimited number of customized "Tab Stops." This further increases the transaction entry speed. Pledges, payments, and adjustments are "batched" into "envelopes" and entered into Andar/360. Each envelope has totals that can be entered first so that the campaign can be tracked promptly without having to enter all the transactions. Envelopes are a powerful auditing tool allowing totals to be verified and cross-checked at numerous points in the data entry process. This provides strong controls from the moment the envelope face is entered into the system until all transactions within it are processed and the bank deposit is recorded.

Donor Communication

Andar/360 has built-in features to create IRS letters or tax receipts, statements, and Thank You letters using the information stored in the database. The system uses Microsoft Word to "mail merge" this information into your own custom designed document. Alternately, users may decide to use the sample Word documents supplied with Andar/360 or customize them to suit their needs.

GL Interface

Andar Software will also allow third-party financial product to interface directly with the Andar database. To that end, Andar Software has prepared the following technical, programmer level, documentation to assist third-party vendors in interfacing their application.

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Donor Designations


A popular Andar/360 feature is the ability to smoothly handle donor designations. Donors can designate their gifts to community funds, service categories, federations, agencies, programs, or designations defined within the campaign. The accounts eligible for designations are specific to a campaign and year. Each donor gift can be designated to an unlimited number of accounts, and donors can change their designation at any time.


Andar/360 can pay out money to a pre-defined list of organizations. Payouts are calculated "year to date" thereby allowing designations to be changed and payments adjusted accordingly with each payout run. Payouts can be performed based on received dollars or a percentage of pledges. Each payout run can be for a single campaign or group of campaigns and/or specific organizations. Payout runs trigger the production of a number of reports and a “payables” file to be imported into your accounts payable software.


Andar/360 allows for contracts to be defined between the fundraiser and other organizations, to fix administration fees, transfer fees, minimum and maximum fees per gift or overall. For example, all donors may be charged a 3% administration fee when designating to a specific agency except for major gift givers who might not be charged anything. These contractual rules can all be pre-defined in Andar/360.


Data Import

AndarConnector Import

Andar/360 includes a powerful "Connector" module that can be used to mass import data. The AndarConnector is a "holding area" within Andar/360 where the data is “scrubbed” before it is processed. Comma separated value (.csv) files containing corporate and individual account information as well as pledges and designations are imported, scrubbed, and finally processed. Processing includes matching existing accounts and updating them, creating new accounts, and creating new pledges and designations.

AndarConnector can be used to import employee information from corporations, and most importantly detail pledge, payment, and designation data from a spreadsheet. It can also bring large amount of data from pledge cards into Andar.

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Names and Addresses

If the data supplied contains names and addresses, Andar Connector can determine whether or not the individual already exists in the database. Andar/360 will create a new account if it does not exist, or hold the account as being "suspect" (unable to make a positive match). Andar/360 has an extensive editing facility to manually match "suspect" accounts.


Organizations often make available to fundraisers a file containing the actual gift details for each donor. This file typically consists of pledges and designations. Andar/360's Andar Connector allows for the import of these pledges and designations. Additionally, some organizations make available details such as payroll deduction. These gift "payments" can also be imported using Andar Connector.

Pledge Card Scanning

Andar/360 has an interface that allows machine scanned pledge cards to be imported using Andar Connector. This interface has the added benefit of allowing the image of the pledge card to be attached to the pledge transaction within Andar/360. The image of the pledge card will then be available to any user viewing the transaction details or notes relating to the donor.



With Andar/360, report requests do not "tie up" the user's workstation; they run on the server and the resulting output is saved in the database. This allows the user to reprint reports without having to re-run them. All reports can be produced in Adobe Acrobat PDF or spreadsheet format. The Adobe Acrobat PDF presents data in a pre-defined report format, allowing users to view and print the reports exactly as originally designed. PDF files are compact, thus making it easy for longer reports to be attached to emails and sent over the Internet. The strength of spreadsheet format lies in its flexibility for data re-use. Raw data in the spreadsheet format can be edited using Microsoft Excel or other spreadsheet programs, and can be easily exported and merged with data in other software applications.

Standard Reports

Andar/360 comes with a large set of standard reports that users can request at the click of a mouse. These reports can be requested in numerous sorting orders, selecting numerous sets of data and often selecting different types of report layouts. Many of the standard reports integrate into Andar/360's powerful Data Mining tool. In essence, each report is actually many reports in one.

Data Mining


Andar/360's Data Mining and analysis tool allows users to select and extract countless details about donors and prospects by following easy point-and-click windows. Selections are made based on gift amounts, gift types, campaigns, leadership levels, giving patterns, addresses, demographics, numbers, relationships, campaign structures, and many more. Selected information can also be saved and used as input into reports and mailing lists. Each Data Mining Operation can be saved and reused time and time again with current data from the database.

Data Mining