Your Attendance is Required - Resistance is futile

This simulation was used for our 2018 Conference to convince people to attend.  Let's pretend it's now January 2018 and that you are looking to justify going to the conference.

As you know, our Users Group conference was scheduled for April 2018 in Ohio. Although many have registered, there are still a few who need to be convinced or need justification for their management.

We have carefully reviewed all important indicators and performed regression analysis as well as applied partial differential equations on the numbers and as you will see, we can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that your attendance at the conference is critical for you as an individual and your organization.  

To prove this to you, we will be using our iEngage module of Andar. You can also use iEngage on your website to engage your customers/donors in an interactive, chat-like conversation. Please pay close attention to the information provided as we go through the proof.

Click the following button when you're ready for the proof:

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