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Virtual Volunteer and Event Ideas for Nonprofits

There are many virtual event formats your organization can take on. Visit this blog to get ideas that will enhance your virtual events strategy and help your planning process.

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Turning Your Fundraising Luncheon Into a Virtual Event

How do you adapt a renowned in-person fundraising luncheon into a virtual event?

The team at United Way of Broward County recently hosted its Annual Magnolia Luncheon virtually. We spoke with Stephanie Metrie, Manager of Public Relations and Marketing, who shared details on what tech to use, preparation tips, and how to keep attendees engaged.

Read on to get ideas that you can apply to your organization’s future virtual events!

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New in 2020.02: Generate QR Codes for Unknown Event Attendees

In version 2020.02 of Andar/360, you can register a group of attendees before an event, generate a list of QR code tickets for each person in the group, and gather their registrant information at a later time.

When would this new feature be useful to you? An example is when a person registers a group of people through i-Attend, but they don't know who the attendees will be. In the past, i-Attend would not generate a QR code for unknown attendees. This new feature allows the registrant to receive all the tickets at once so that they can distribute them to attendees before the event.

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Volunteering for Coronavirus Relief Efforts


Fundraising for the Coronavirus pandemic has been vital over the last few weeks and months --- but volunteering is also critically needed in many of our communities. Many United Ways across the world are organizing volunteer efforts for their communities, and engaging their community partners on every level possible to help those in need. Several of our customers have developed concentrated volunteering websites, especially for COVID-19 relief.

United Way Winnipeg and Metro United Way have utilized Andar’s e-Volunteer module to focus those who want to give back personally, and are leveraging the power of caring people in their communities. Visit their sites to see what they have done. We are proud of you!

Get the Scoop on How One United Way Manages Their Events

How do you manage your events?

Hear how Aness Symons, Associate Director, Communications & Donor Experience at United Way Elgin Middlesex, manages her organization’s events using Andar i-Attend. In the video, Aness goes into specific event examples, including how they manage registration types, attendance reporting, and how they follow up with attendees after events take place.

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Multi-lingual Andar

Have you ever noticed this icon on some Andar windows? You can click on it to write in another language.

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What is this CAPTCHA thing anyway?

I am not a robot!You've seen it before, the dreaded CAPTCHA test. Sometimes it's really difficult to tell what those squiggly letters are meant to be, and sStreet Signsometimes it is hard to tell if it's a street sign or a billboard! What if all of the squares are street signs?? If the test is too hard for me, am I a ROBOT??

A CAPTCHA test is a really important security feature to help protect your database from being flooded with data from other computers called 'Robots' or 'bots.'  These computers scan websites for fillable forms and submit false information. Since a computer is filling out the form, it can potentially submit hundreds of forms in a very short amount of time; filling your database with useless data quickly. 

CAPTCHA means: Completely Automated Public Test to tell Computers and Humans Apart - It is meant to confuse a 'bot' by creating a situation where the computer cannot parse the information presented like the human brain can. With the CAPTCHA in place the 'bot' cannot complete the form - keeping your database clean and safe!

Recently, we've added a feature called reCAPTCHA that uses the latest CAPTCHA technology. Check out this page for setup instructions or give us a call for assistance.


Getting ready for campaign?

Are you getting your database ready? Testing mail list pulls?

Have you checked saved reports and set those that should be auto emailed regularly?

Are you preparing to assign goals and managers?

We are here to help if needed - let us help set your database for success, launch e-Pledge campaigns, deploy and build custom reports, set goals and more. For questions about our professional services please contact us, sales@AndarSoftware.com

Please also check out our Online Help for more information.


Google reCAPTCHA to Replace Andar simple CAPTCHA

Would you like to use the Google reCAPTCHA instead of the simple Andar/360 default? Follow these simple directions with the 2018.02 service pack loaded.

    1. Open https://www.google.com/recaptcha/.
    2. Click on the Get reCAPTCHA button (if logged in click "My reCAPTCHA").
    3. Select reCAPTCHA V2 and register your domain. It will generate two keys: Site key and Secret key. 
    4. Copy the 2 keys and paste them into Andar > System preferences > e-Community > e-Community - General > CAPTCHA settings.

**The new Google reCAPTCHA will work only if both keys are entered.


Update your website look

Is your e-Pledge or other Andar web tools mobile friendly? Does your site match your public website? Core changes to e-Community and e-Pledge, specifically internal code structure, were made to accommodate more flexible mobile skin designs and to better support accessibility as well as multilingual design. We have released two built-in mobile skins based on the United Way Worldwide design, one in blue and the other in red.

Don't wait, we can help you migrate your old e-Pledge sites to the new mobile responsive look. Call our help desk today to schedule your move... call toll free (877) 479-3780.

Campaigns will come up fast!

New Red Look

New Blue Look