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[e-Community Tip] Simplify Password Resets

If a donor requests a new password from the Login Page, or if you send a Reset Password Link through an email, donors may have trouble with resetting their password. Frequently this is because the donor is receiving a reset password link that is already expired.

Why would the donor receive an expired link, and can I fix this?

Some companies use email security devices to check the links, which resembles a user clicking the link, creating an expired link.

You can fix this by updating the options on the Login Web Note. There is an option the allows web users to click on the link as many times as they want without it expiring. The link will instead expire in 24 hours, regardless of how many clicks.




Why add the latest CAPTCHA to your website?

With the exponential growth of AI, computers can now get past older CAPTCHA tools. By not using a good CAPTCHA, hackers can register fake attendees to your events, or even test thousands of credit cards from your donation site in just a few minutes.

Great CAPTCHA tools make it more difficult for programs to overwrite commands. By adding them to your registration and donation webpages, you'll make your operations more secure.

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Asset Library

Did you know we have a library with different digital assets just waiting to be used by you?

Download giving buttons for your e-Pledge website, looks for your printed Bio tabs and Dashboards, branded email templates, and much more!

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New in v2020.02: Main Banners in United We Fight / United We Win Are Responsive

The main banners in the United We Fight and United We Win themes will become responsive in v2020.02 of Andar/360. With this change, any graphics in the banner area will fit in any mobile device. Currently, the banners do not shrink based on monitor size. This results in the sides being hidden in mobile phones and small screens.

To set up a banner, follow the instructions in the look and feel template of United We Fight in Andar/360. The old HTML code needs to be changed into the new one. Below is the sample code. You can replace the image URL and the message/text according to your needs.

<img src="IMAGE URL" width="100%" />
<div class="main-banner_heading offset-lg-1 heading-column">
<h2>United Way fights for the health, education and financial stability of every person in every community.</h2>
<p><a class="button" href="URL">Join the Fight</a></p>

Shopping Cart Style Sheets

Are you using the style sheet that matches your website's look and feel?

We have added a new shopping cart style sheet for United Way Canada to the library in Customer Support. You can download the style sheet here. If you're looking for the United Way Worldwide stylesheet, you can find it here.

The shopping cart allows e-Community webpage visitors to see a designation of interest, choose an amount, or select a pre-defined amount. Find out more about the Shopping Cart in Customer Support.

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Using Google's reCAPTCHA

CAPTCHAs are used to determine whether users are human or spam robots. There are many different CAPTCHA styles in use throughout the web.

Andar e-Community users can use the Andar simple CAPTCHA, or opt to use Google's reCAPTCHA. To learn how to enable reCAPTCHA, visit Customer Support.

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Andar e-Community Pecking Order Chart

Web Options control the functionalities of Andar e-Community. For example, they determine which menu will be shown, whether or not donors are allowed to make designations, the available pledge types, etc. When Andar/360 looks for the Web Options to use for the account that is signed on, it will search the accounts based on the Web Option pecking order.

Learn more about pecking orders from a handy chart in Customer Support.

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Add a Campaign Thermometer on an e-Community Webpage

The thermometer portlet allows you to show up-to-date campaign performance in the form of a thermometer graphic on any e-Community web page. The portlet can be embedded in a web note as a note variable. Read more about how to add thermometers to your webpages in Customer Support.

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Are Images Not Showing Up on Your Website or Emails?

Having missing images can affect how donors and prospects perceive your organization. Read below to familiarize yourself with some reasons why this might be happening, and what to do about it.

  1. Special characters in filenames: When uploading images in Andar/360, please make sure the image filename does not contain any spaces or special characters.
  2. The image file may be corrupted: Try opening the image in an editor and save it again or save it as a different file format.
  3. Blocked images: Some email clients may block images by default. Check your device settings to allow images.
  4. Mixed content: Mixed content occurs when initial HTML is loaded over a secure HTTPS connection, but other resources (such as images and videos) are loaded over an insecure HTTP connection. If your website uses secure HTTPS connection, ensure that all links in articles, web notes, and emails also use secure HTTPS links.
  5. Look & Feel Containers: If you are using a Look & Feel Container in an email, make sure the "Allowed in Email" option is turned on inside the Look & Feel item.