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Online Pledges: Adapting to the Changing Fundraising Landscape

Webinar: Online Pledges: Adapting to the Changing Fundraising LandscapeWork habits have drastically changed in the last few weeks for many companies due to the coronavirus pandemic. Those employees that can work from home do not go into the office. Those employees that must continue to physically go into work, do so with new physical distancing rules in place. What do all these changes mean for your corporate appeals and fall campaign strategies?

In the next few months, your organization will have to adapt its workplace appeals approach. Workplace campaign kickoff meetings will be very different. Paper pledges, which are commonly used in many companies, may need to be entirely replaced by an online pledging approach. Since there will be a higher number of incoming online pledges than there typically are, you will need to adapt your process to set up your organization for success.

This webinar reviews the following online pledging tactics:

  • The different online donor authentication methods that are available in Andar e-Pledge (email with a link, single sign-on, and registrant role) to uncover the one that is the most effective to use
  • The various modes of giving in Andar e-Pledge (multi-step pledging, shopping cart pledging, and single page pledging) to determine the best method for you to offer donors
  • How to launch 'Campaign 1-2-3 Easy' using Andar e-Pledge
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A Community Crisis: How to Respond Quickly and Provide Support Fast

This webinar is for organizations that do not currently use Andar e-Pledge and would like to learn more about the module.

Webinar: A Community Crisis: How to Respond Quickly and Provide Support FastHow prepared is your organization to receive and distribute funds to its community if an emergency occurs?

When a crisis arises and disrupts society (like the coronavirus pandemic we are facing now, or an earthquake, or a hurricane), it's of utmost importance for nonprofits and charities to jump into action right away. Why is it vital for your organization to respond quickly during a crisis? It shows that you are in touch with the needs of your community. It demonstrates to the public that you are agile and ready to face unchartered challenges. More importantly, responding quickly to a crisis is your responsibility; it's what the public expects and needs from you.

This webinar covers:

  • Why it's important to distribute your emergency funds locally
  • How a database that is integrated with Andar e-Pledge can get you immediate results
  • How you can collect donations quickly and have the funds available right away
  • How you can distribute funds to charities in need without delays
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[Webinar Recording] A Community Crisis
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Choosing the Right CRM Strategy for Your Local Organization

What kind of functionality does your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) database have?


This webinar will help Development Teams, Back-Office Teams, and Executives evaluate the differences between using Andar/360 as their CRM, using Salesforce as their CRM, or using both options concurrently. We will discuss the data management opportunities available and uncover the pros and cons of each one.

After watching this webinar, attendees will be able to more carefully assess what their local organization’s needs are and identify the challenges that are preventing them from operational efficiency.

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Webinar Recording: Choosing the Right CRM Strategy
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Setting Up an Emergency Relief Fund Page for Covid-19

The COVID-19 pandemic is impacting almost every aspect of our lives. We know that you're committed to providing support to your community's most vulnerable in response to this outbreak.

Andar_Webinar_Covid-19-Relief-PageIn addition to several measures organizations have taken, many have also set up an emergency relief fund. To assist in this effort, we hosted this free webinar to hear from customers and learn how their organizations have responded to the COVID-19 crisis.

The guest customer panelists were Stephanie Metrie, Manager of Public Relations and Marketing at United Way of Broward County, and Kali Cochran, Director of Investor Relations and Digital Transformation at United Way of Midland County. Both United Ways set up emergency relief fund pages using Andar e-Pledge. Learn what their intent was, what the process was like, and their results in this interview-style webinar.

The webinar also includes an in-depth Q&A that addressed webinar attendees' questions and concerns.

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Webinar Recording: Emergency Relief Fund Page
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Stop Losing Your Donors!

This information-packed webinar co-hosted by Perspectives Consulting Group and Andar Software, tackles one of the biggest challenges facing nonprofits that rely on corporate giving:
Donor Loss.

Andar_Webinar_Stop-Losing-Your-DonorsIn the next hour, we will examine donor research to learn why donors stop giving. We will also demonstrate how you can use the power of Andar/360 to help your organization understand donor patterns, and we'll show you the steps you can take today to retain your donors.

Whether your organization uses Andar Software or not, this free webinar will help you to understand why you're losing donors each year and practical steps you can take to keep your current donors from slipping away.

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Webinar Recording: Stop Losing Your Donors
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