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Managing Volunteer Rosters Using Committees

Committees can be used to record and manage your volunteer panel rosters, including your Board committees. Committee information is typically internal to your organization and site defined, allowing you to match your organization's structure.

The default view on the Committees tab is to show Active Committee Entries. You can use the Selection filter in the middle of the window to view All Committee Entries or only Inactive Committee Entries. The bottom of the window shows a Committee History for the selected Committee. You can see any changes made to the Committee Entry for this account, for example, if the member changed positions on the committee or was on the committee during different time periods.


Committee Entry

The Committee Entry allows you to record a volunteer's membership on a particular committee, including the position held, constituency representation, start and end dates, etc. Some organizations have built the fiscal year into the coding schema for their committees. For reporting purposes, if your committees are not captured via year-specific codes, it is imperative to record start and end committee membership dates.


  • Category: Committee Categories define the purpose or title of the Committee. They are site defined and can be amended via the Committee Categories Table (FRCCTTAB).
  • Type: Committee Types are tied to Committee Categories. They further define the purpose or title of the Committee. They are site defined and can be amended in the Committee Types Table (FRCSTTAB).
  • NameInd: Name Indicator states if the Committee member(s) is the Primary, Additional or Both Names on the account.
  • Status: Committee Entries are Active if the person currently sits on the Committee or Inactive if the person is no longer on the Committee.
  • Position: Track the role of the committee member, for example, member, chair, treasurer, etc. Positions are site defined and can be amended in the Committee Position Codes Table (FRPOSTAB).
  • Start: Enter the date the person joined the Committee.
  • End: Enter the date the person left the Committee or when their term expires. Leave blank if there is no end date.
  • Referral By: You can track the person who referred or nominated this member to the Committee. Use the ellipsis to search for his/her account in ENTERPRISE. Optional.
  • Date: Enter the referral date. Optional.
  • Status: Track the individual's membership status on the Committee, for example, nominated, pending, accepted. Referral Status is site defined and can be amended in the Committee Referral Status Codes Table (FRREFTAB). Optional.
  • Note, Note Date, Staff: You can enter a note about this person's Committee membership. The Note Date will default to the date the note was entered. Staff will default to the staff person entering the note. Both can be edited. Optional.
  • County: You can enter a County that the individual represents on this Committee. Counties are site defined and can be amended in the County Codes Table (FRCOTTAB). Optional.
  • Constituency: You can enter a Constituency that the individual represents on this Committee. Constituency is site defined and can be amended in the Constituent Representation Codes Table (FRCRPTAB). Optional.

Query Accounts

You can use the light bulb query to gather a complete list of active Committee members for the selected Committee. Select the Committee, and then click the light bulb icon on the quick links toolbar or go to Query → All Accounts for…


A new window will appear with the Name, Account ID, Position, Start and End Dates of the current Committee members.


You can use the Excel icon (Managing_Volunteer_6.gif ) on the quick links toolbar or go to File →  Excel to export this list to Excel. The Query Export Options window will appear. Choose the Address to include in the export file, and then click OK. The file will automatically open in Excel and in addition to Committee information will also include the account's Address, salutations, email and phone number.


In ENTERPRISE Reports, the Committee Report (crrp_frdcsrep) is also useful for gathering information about members of a particular Committee. For United Way sites only, the Committees By Company Report (crrp_uwdcsrep) can be used to track employees at a company who volunteer for your organization.