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Short on Staff Resources?

We are excited to offer an extra support option with Andar/360. This premium support plan will help you and your organization focus on your most critical work: Impact, while we focus on your data systems. With SupportPLUS and service block hours, we can help you build e-Pledge sites, custom templates, run donor choice payouts & reports, load connector files, install service packs and much more. Please reach out for more details.

Have we been talking lately?

Did you know you can choose to only look at accounts that you've communicated with since a specific date (e.g. since First Date of the Current Month)?

Find out how to do this. This feature requires the Major Gift license. 

How to Process Disaster Relief Campaigns

There are multiple options available in Andar and e-Community for processing disaster relief campaigns to help victims of earthquake, fire, flood, hurricane, tornado, etc.
Questions to consider when deciding what option to use:

  • Do you want to count these funds in your Local/Annual campaign?
  • Will any of the funds come from workplace campaigns?
  • Do the funds need to be posted to different GL accounts?
  • Could you potentially be raising funds for more than one disaster at the same time?


Report Highlight: Save Report Submission Parameters

 Did you know? Do you? Save the report submission parameters for future re-use.

  1. Open the report of your choice.
  2. Make selections on the various tabs.
  3. Press Save in the lower right corner.
  4. Name your report, add a description if desired and press Save.

To run a report using the saved parameters in the future, select the saved report name from the Saved Parameters drop down at the top left of the report window and press Submit. Also, consider placing the report on your dashboard for even fewer clicks.


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Andar Connector Headers - The Easy Way


New in 2018.02: Generate Column Headers for Connector Import File. Check out this new feature to help you generate the column headers needed to import data into Andar/360 via a spreadsheet.

Users are able to select the columns of data they wish to import and then have the shell of the import file created.

Main menu > Data Import/Export > Generate Column Names for Connector Import File.


Learn about Andar Connector...

Report Highlight: Designation Matrix Report

The Designation Matrix Report provides analysis of designations based on the donor's giving levels and designated categories. This report shows up to 5 campaign years. The giving levels can be user-defined. This report includes processed transactions only.

Click to

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Report Highlight - Campaign Profile Report

Use this report to pull data for CEO or company calls. The Campaign Profile Report is another kind of Organization Profile Report. It is the simplest to run and shows high-level summaries and information.

The report can be run for a specific Organization Account, Accounts attached to a Campaign Structure Node, or Accounts in an Account Warehouse.

See a sample report and

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Your Andar/360 Tools

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Press F1 to access Help

When any Andar window is open, pressing F1 will display the corresponding Help links. If the window consists of multiple panels (e.g. Data Mining tabs) or multiple apps (e.g. dashboard / bio tabs), you would have to highlight a field / row and then press F1 to display the correct Help links.