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Stay Current on Social Media

Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms to-date, and they have recently stepped up their game. You can now use a new "donation sticker" in your Instagram stories! With the tool, you can choose which nonprofit you want your donation to go to, and all credit card fees are covered by Facebook (Instagram's owner.) Get the details on the Chronicle of Philanthropy.

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Introducing iEngage

New in Andar/360 2018.01: iEngage - an interactive web based marketing tool. Think of it like a "Choose your own adventure novel" - based on the choices the user is presented with a different situation. This can have many uses such as poverty simulations, explaining your impact work or learning more about the programs and initiatives funded by your organization. Since the tool is integrated into Andar/360, you are able to track all the interactions and glean interest data - to be used in providing individualized and tailored contents.

Get a glimpse into this exciting new marketing tool through the following demonstration.

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