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GivingTuesday: Nonprofit FAQ

GivingTuesday is more than just a day of fundraising; it's a day when entire communities come together to share their time, skills, and resources. Get answers to some common questions about the movement in this infographic.

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Infographic: GivingTuesday Nonprofit FAQ


Learn more about GivingTuesday on our blog.

Read this GivingTuesday blog to learn more about the global charity initiative


Participating in GivingTuesday involves a lot of moving parts. There are lots of people invested in making the movement a success, so for that reason, you need to make sure that you jump into action with enough time and a good plan in hand.

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Why You Should Improve Your Online Presence

People are looking to have great online experiences, and that includes nonprofit websites and social media activities. There are many reasons why you should focus your energy on your online presence.

Need convincing to make your online presence a priority? Take a look at this infographic filled with informative stats.

Infographic: Improve Your Online Presence to Increase Your Online Donations and Avoid Losing Donors


Learn ways you can optimize your online brand.

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Download this guide, "Increase Your Campaign Success by Optimizing Your Online Brand." Included are clear steps on how to set the right brand goals, define your target audience, and craft a unique voice for your nonprofit organization. Get the full PDF guide in your inbox.

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