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Batch Transaction Pledge Details

Have a lot of companies not given you details about their employees' pledges? Would you like to know who those companies are?

Several customers have recently asked how you can determine what companies' pledges have been entered as 'batch' transactions. It might be possible that the company did not provide the details about the employee pledges. Or maybe, you have a policy that batches all of the pledges that were less than a certain dollar amount (for example, perhaps you only entered the details for pledges that were over $250.)

How can you find the answers?

If you have the Andar Executive Plus module, you can write a query to find the employee non-memo pledges that were entered as batch transactions. Otherwise, you might get answers by looking at the list of Envelopes in Andar/360 and using the 'filter' or the 'right-click-and-find' process to identify envelopes that contain batch transactions. Another alternative is to create a Data Mining Operation to find the batch transactions.

To learn more, visit the 'Project Information > Resolution' section of the specific project in Customer Support.

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Find Lapsed Donors

Lapsed donors are individuals who have previously donated to your organization, but for some reason, they have stopped giving.

Discovering who your lapsed donors are is useful to increase your fundraising efforts. Once you know who they are, you can reach out to them to see if they'd like to donate again. Since they've donated in the past, they're already familiar with your organization, and your outreach should be very different from someone who has never given to you.

Find out who your lapsed donors are by watching this video series in Customer Support.

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Executive Plus Charts

New in Service Pack 2017.02: Charts can now have multiple y-axis and data sets within the same chart. For example, you can show the number of donors and gift amounts over time on the same chart.

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