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Add a Campaign Thermometer on an e-Community Webpage

The thermometer portlet allows you to show up-to-date campaign performance in the form of a thermometer graphic on any e-Community web page. The portlet can be embedded in a web note as a note variable. Read more about how to add thermometers to your webpages in Customer Support.

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Processing Disaster Relief Campaigns

There are multiple options available in Andar/360 and e-Community for processing disaster relief campaigns to help victims of earthquakes, fires, floods, hurricanes, tornados, and other misfortunes. Below are questions you should consider when deciding what setup option to use:

  • Do you want to count these funds in your Local/Annual campaign?
  • Will any of the funds come from workplace campaigns?
  • Do the funds need to be posted to different GL accounts?
  • Could you potentially be raising funds for more than one disaster at the same time?

Learn more about disaster relief campaigns in Customer Support.

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Get Creative #GivingTuesday Ideas

Are you participating in #GivingTuesday on December 3rd? Stand out from the crowd with these creative ideas!

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Are You Using Your Existing Software to Its Full Potential?

Andar Software can provide database management services to help you make full use of your existing software.

If you have staffing gaps or if you need support during the upcoming campaign season, we can help! Get assistance with routine Andar procedures such as performing rollovers, running rebuilds, and other scheduled jobs and performing database cleanup. We can assist with Database 2, custom report building, and integrating Andar into other systems. We can even provide processing support as needed or on a fulltime basis.

Our Andar experts can help you achieve the results you're looking for. If you're interested in receiving database management services, contact us, and we'll be happy to talk to you about the services that best suit your needs.

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Automate Your Marketing Campaigns

If you own the MIG module you can have Andar/360 power your Marketing Automation. It is easy to run prospect nurturing campaigns and deliver custom content based on your donors' interests.

Learn how to set up an easy drip campaign in this video series.

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Meet Your Fundraising Goal

Don't leave potential donations on the table! As you get your campaign on a roll, think about ways you'll be able to fill your fundraising gaps.

One idea is to dig into your database for donors who haven't yet given this year but gave in the past. To get a list of lapsed donors, use the "Pattern" tab in a data mining operation.

After obtaining the list, you can review the accounts for ways to communicate with them. Maybe you have a home contact you can get in touch with, a related person whom you can call, a staff member who knows them, or someone may remember them from an event they volunteered at or attended. You might even be able to find more info by searching for them on Google!

Learn About the Pattern Tab

Plan a Great Prospecting Strategy

Did you know that many of the Andar prospecting tools and functions are based on the work of Kent E. Dove? His famous book, Conducting a Successful Major Gifts and Planned Giving Program: A Comprehensive Guide and Resource is an incredible read for anyone involved in nonprofit organizations.

"Prospects" are potential donors or volunteers. Andar’s prospecting system includes sophisticated techniques to help you develop a successful donor nurturing strategy. With it, you can fine tune your approach by identifying various levels of gifts, internal volunteers, board members, workplace campaigns, and other types of searches.

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Working Too Hard on e-Pledge Campaign Setup?

Are you copying web notes and options to each organization account that runs an e-Pledge campaign? If you are, you are working too hard!

e-Community is designed to work efficiently. In fact, it is designed to be virtually maintenance free! Where e-Pledge is concerned, your e-Pledge staff should be able to set up EVERY organization in your database at the same time! The secret is in the Tailoring Account.

The Tailoring Account should be used to set up all of your common e-Pledge settings. These settings will apply to all organizations and employees. When this has been done, all of your organizations are ready!

Once you have this in place, you simply need to add the web options that are exceptions to the Tailoring Account. Of course this is simplified and every setup is different, but this is the general concept that everything is based upon.

As always our Customer Care department is ready to assist you in making your tasks easier. Let us know when you are ready to stress less!

CyberSource - How to fix Verifying Transactions

Take a look at our recently updated online help relating to fixing transactions in the verifying status.

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Have we been talking lately?

Did you know you can choose to only look at accounts that you've communicated with since a specific date (e.g. since First Date of the Current Month)?

Find out how to do this. This feature requires the Major Gift license.