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Andar/360 API Module

The Andar API module allows data to be imported or exported remotely through a REST API. With this module, users can run operations to retrieve Andar data and submit Andar Connector to import data into Andar/360.

The API module allows importing the same data as currently imported through the Andar Connector.

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Automate Connector Imports

Did you know that you can use a DOS command to import data into Andar? The entire process can be automated with a script that takes your data file, uploads it, and processes the import in one step.

Need Help? We can set this up for you. Call our Help Desk at 877-479-3780.

Although this feature was previously included in the core of Andar, it is now part of the Andar API module and therefore, starting in 2019.01, will require the API license.


Did you know Andar/360 has an API module? With this module, you are able to integrate Andar with virtually any third party product such as Microsoft CRM, or Constant Contact. The Andar API is the recommended tool to use to update Andar from external programs. Updating Andar directly can cause data corruption and disable Andar. Soon, to protect the integrity of your valuable data, we will be locking down the database from changes done directly in Andar's SQL Database. We want to ensure everyone has sufficient time to migrate but every day we wait puts your data at risk. If you are updating Andar through SQL, you should already have a plan in place and be migrating your integration programs to use the API.

Andar/360 will continue to allow external changes through AT LEAST 2019.01.

The API is the best way to provide customers a safe and consistent way to integrate applications while ensuring that we can also continue to grow Andar to meet the requirements of our customers and their unique communities.

Please let us know if you have questions.

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