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New in 2020.02: Export and Import Attendees From CSV Files

There is a new Export/Import button on the Event Account > Attendance Tab. You can select the event attendances and export them to a CSV file using the new Export button. The exported CSV file can then be updated in a different application such as Excel and imported back to Andar using the new Import button.

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New in 2020.02: Key Column for Letter Components

There is a new column for letter components called Key. This will be the unique key for each component. This will correspond to the letter component tags that are inserted into templates where they display the key along with the given name.

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New in 2020.02: Employer Account Autofill

When adding a new employee relationship from the employee account (not from the employer account), Andar/360 will now auto-fill in the employer account based on the employee's email address.

It will check all email addresses on the individual (except for the Personal email addresses) and see if the domain matches any organization. (Based on Email Domain web address or Main web address.) If it matches, it will set the employer account.

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New in 2020.02: Columns for City and State

City and State/Province columns have been added for Account 1 and for Account 2 for the addresses in Andar Main Menu > System Administration > Merge Duplicate/Delete Accounts > Individual Potential Duplicate List.

Individual Accounts that have been identified as duplicates appear on the Individual Potential Duplicate Maintenance window. You cannot delete accounts from this window. The Delete button on this window only removes the accounts from the potential duplicate list, and does not delete accounts.

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New in 2020.02: Menu Option for Shrink Database Log File

There is a new menu option under System Administration > Database Administration called Shrink Database Log File. It will shrink the transaction log files for the current database. (NOTE: There may be more than one database.) The information of what was shrunk will be written to the Andar log.

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New in 2020.02: Spellchecker Restored

Back by popular demand! The spellcheck feature has been restored to the HTML editor since it's removal in the v2020.01 release.

To view spelling suggestions and add words to the dictionary, right-click on the misspelled word.

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New in v2020.02: Main Banners in United We Fight / United We Win Are Responsive

The main banners in the United We Fight and United We Win themes will become responsive in v2020.02 of Andar/360. With this change, any graphics in the banner area will fit in any mobile device. Currently, the banners do not shrink based on monitor size. This results in the sides being hidden in mobile phones and small screens.

To set up a banner, follow the instructions in the look and feel template of United We Fight in Andar/360. The old HTML code needs to be changed into the new one. Below is the sample code. You can replace the image URL and the message/text according to your needs.

<img src="IMAGE URL" width="100%" />
<div class="main-banner_heading offset-lg-1 heading-column">
<h2>United Way fights for the health, education and financial stability of every person in every community.</h2>
<p><a class="button" href="URL">Join the Fight</a></p>

Version 2020.02 of Andar/360 is Here!

The latest release of Andar/360 is now available for install. This service pack has many new features, including a focus on improvements to dashboards and the i-Access web module. We have already highlighted some of the new features in past Coffee Break newsletters and will continue to share them in the coming weeks.

If the suspense is killing you and you'd like to see a detailed list of all the improvements in v2020.02, take a look at the "What's New?" article in Customer Support!

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New in 2020.02: Employee Registration & Pledge Single Page

Andar Software will be introducing a new giving option to version 2020.02 of Andar/360 that allows a donor to register as an employee of a specified company and enter the gift, all in one page.

The experience will be similar to the Single Registration and Pledge Page for individual donors, with the addition that it will also create an employment relationship for the new account.

The new page can work with shopping cart checkout if you desire. A special thank you to United Way East Ontario for supporting this project.

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