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Adjusting Font Size in Andar

Font size can be customized in Andar/360 to be larger than normal. You can change the settings in System > Preferences> Workstation Preferences.

Workstation Preferences determine the settings for a single PC, that is, the settings will be the same for any user that logs onto the same PC. Personal Preferences override Workstation Preferences.

Also, adjusting the font size in Windows will apply the same settings to Andar/360. To change your display in Windows 10, select Start > Settings > Ease of Access > Display. To make only the text on your screen larger, adjust the slider under 'Make text bigger.'

Read about Andar/360's Preferences in Customer Support.

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New in v2020.01: Year Autofill on Date Entry

Andar/360 used to automatically change a two-digit date entry to a four-digit year while the user was entering the data. This made it challenging to enter years starting with "19."

In version 2020.01, users can enter a four-digit year. If two digits are entered, the system will automatically change the entry to a four-digit year after the field loses focus (as the cursor is moved or the user clicks elsewhere). Andar/360 will apply 'smarts' to change the year to one starting with "19" or "20." For example, entering a year of "20" will be changed to "2020" while entering a year of "88" will be changed to "1988."

Read more details in Customer Support.

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Hotfix: Custom e-Pledge Confirmation Email

Due to the recent surge in requests to support your COVID-19 relief efforts, we've uncovered an area of improvement regarding the functionality of the Single Page Registration and Pledge Page (SPRP). Before today, Wednesday, March 23, 2020, using the SPRP with a Web Customizing Account (SA URL Parameter) did not allow for a custom e-Pledge Confirmation Email to be created. In today's Hotfix release, this is now possible.

Using the Web Customizing Account will allow you to process gifts using the SPRP that are not designated. Without this fix, gifts need to be designated or assigned to a specific campaign account to deliver a customized email confirmation.

The current Hotfix is for those customers using Andar/360 v2020.01/e20.01. Additionally, due to the nature of this issue, we are also providing a Hotfix for 2019.02. Both are now available in Customer Support.

New in 2020.01: All-In-One e-Pledge ? New Designation Options

Did you know that the All-in-One e-Pledge page now allows you to build designation sections similar to the multi-page pledge form? You can now add the customizable Community Care and Targeted agency sections. You can search for your agencies via the standard agency search tool, and you can enter Write-in designations.

Thank you, United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey, Valley of the Sun United Way, and Metro United Way for assisting and helping support this enhancement!

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New in 2020.01: Show Bio Tabs on Account Profiles

You can now simplify your workspace in Andar/360 by hiding tabs you don't use. In version 2020.01, there's an option to show specified bio tabs on account profiles and hide all other tabs.

This option can also be tailored to specific global bio tabs designed for certain users and user groups.

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Say "Hello" to 2020.01

Over the last few weeks, we've been sharing with you bits and pieces of the new features the latest release of Andar/360 has in store.

Version 2020.01 has a ton of added value. If you'd like to know exactly what's coming in the newest release, take a look at the Help article that outlines the differences between the old version and the new one.

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CRITICAL ALERT: Tomcat 9 Upgrade

New in Service Pack 2020.01, we are upgrading e-Community to use Tomcat 9. Tomcat is the software that sits between Andar and the internet. It’s used by Andar e-Community (including e-Pledge, A&O, e-Volunteer, i-Attend, i-Access, and e-Newsletters).

You MUST upgrade your web-server to Tomcat 9 in order to use Andar/360 v2020.01.

The new Andar/360 release will not be able to run on Tomcat 8. Please note that you can have both Tomcat versions installed on the same server.

You have two Tomcat 9 upgrade options:

  1. Self Serve: Install the service yourself by following these step by step instructions. You can download Tomcat 9 here.
  2. Full Serve: Andar Software can provide complete upgrade and transition support when the 2020.01 service pack is released. To request more information about this service, click below.


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New in 2020.01: Display Task Description in Plan Flow Chart

Andar Plans can become pretty tricky to navigate when you have a lot of tasks in them. In the new release of Andar/360, you'll be able to enter a long description on a task definition and have it displayed directly on the Plan Flow Chart. This new feature is useful for identifying the purpose of a task without needing to open it up.

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New in 2020.01: All-In-One e-Pledge Page

Do your donors feel there are too many pages to complete a simple pledge?

e-Pledge will now offer a fully functional, single-page form. Donors will be able to access the pledge entry section, designation selections, and any additional sections, all on one webpage. This feature also works with the shopping cart checkout and will be available in version 2020.01 of Andar/360.

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New in 2020.01: Export to the Financial Edge System

Version 2020.01 of Andar/360 contains enhancements to General Ledger reports.

The Andar/360 General Ledger Export process will produce comma-delimited files (CSV) that are formatted to be imported back into the Financial Edge system.

The CSV file will contain separate debit and credit amount columns. Each pledge, payment, and adjustment amount on an Andar/360 transaction will result in 2 rows in the CSV file for debit and credit entries.

Learn more about the changes in the Customer Support Center Project page.

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