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Hotfix: Custom e-Pledge Confirmation Email

Due to the recent surge in requests to support your COVID-19 relief efforts, we've uncovered an area of improvement regarding the functionality of the Single Page Registration and Pledge Page (SPRP). Before today, Wednesday, March 23, 2020, using the SPRP with a Web Customizing Account (SA URL Parameter) did not allow for a custom e-Pledge Confirmation Email to be created. In today's Hotfix release, this is now possible.

Using the Web Customizing Account will allow you to process gifts using the SPRP that are not designated. Without this fix, gifts need to be designated or assigned to a specific campaign account to deliver a customized email confirmation.

The current Hotfix is for those customers using Andar/360 v2020.01/e20.01. Additionally, due to the nature of this issue, we are also providing a Hotfix for 2019.02. Both are now available in Customer Support.

The 2019.02 Andar Theme is the Default Setting on Dashboards

Three pre-defined themes will give Bio Tabs and Dashboards a specific look. In version 2019.02 of Andar/360, all themes default to the Andar Theme. The default applies to System Preference, Personal Preference, and Theme Setting on the Bio Tab and Dashboard itself. If in previous versions of Andar/360, you had chosen anything other than the Andar theme in any of these three places, your theme setting will no longer be applied.

If you fancy a different theme than the default Andar theme, you can adjust your settings in System Preference.

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What Do You Think of the New Design?

The latest version of Andar/360 (v2019.02) included significant changes to the interface design. The product was updated by refreshing the colour palette, modernizing iconography, and changing the placement of buttons into more consistent groupings.

We want to get your feedback on the changes we made so that we can continually improve the product for you. Let us know your thoughts by taking this quick survey.

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What Are Hotfixes and Why Do We Do Them?

Different companies and development teams may have various definitions for a "hotfix." Here at Andar Software, a hotfix refers to a small portion of code that's been developed to solve a specific customer issue or a contained bug in the software for the current version of the product. Hotfixes are meant to be made quickly and be released just as fast to benefit the customers' needs.

On the other hand, a "service pack" is a large software update that includes product enhancements, as well as fixes to multiple bugs. For Andar/360, the service packs are released at the beginning of the year and mid-year.

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