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[WEBINAR] Using Your Donor Data to Effectively Engage Your Donors

Please join us on November 12th, 2020, at 2:00 pm ET in this one-hour webinar to learn how to collect and leverage your donor data to raise more money and better engage with your donors.

This webinar combines Perspectives Consulting's 30+ years of United Way donor research with Andar Software's technical expertise. Perspectives Consulting will show you the four types of data your United Way needs to collect on your donors and why this data is critical to your fundraising success. Andar Software will then show you how to strategically leverage this data to engage your donors and strengthen your relationship with them.

1. Identify the four types of donor data you need to attract and engage your donors based on research with United Way donors
2. Illustrate how Andar/360 can help your United Way strategically engage your donors
3. Explore methods your United Way can use for collecting donor data

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2021 Andar Users Group Conference

As we look to the future, and possibly holding an Andar/360 Users Conference, we want to hear your opinion. Please take a moment and fill out this survey. We are open to all ideas and suggestions, and you can contact Eric or Hilary with any other thoughts you might have.

Who's Abandoning Their Pledges?

Are people starting their pledges and not finishing them? Find out who they are in Andar/360 so that you can follow up with them and send them a gentle reminder.

To do this, go to the main menu in Andar/360 > e-Community > e-Community Reports > Web Access Log Inquiry, and there you’ll see all web activities. Click on the filter button to see the “e-Pledge Abandoned” option. Better yet, add this report to your dashboard using the “Maintenance List” app to have easy access to the data!

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"Community is a consequence. It results when people come together to accomplish things that are important to them and succeed."
Richard Cornuelle

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