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Get to Know Stephanie from Metro United Way

Meet Stephanie Burton, Director of Databases at Metro United Way. Stephanie loves taking a clunky, manual process, and finding ways to automate it and make it better.

Learn more about her in this month's Caring in Common customer spotlight.

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[Template] Online Pledging: Donor FAQs

What kind of questions do your donors have about making online donations?

Download this Word template as a guide to create a customized FAQ for your organization.

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Provide Suggested Gift Choices as Images or Radio Buttons

The default presentation for suggested gift amounts (Web Customization > e-Pledge > Options – e-Pledge > Create Account – Pledge Specific > Suggested Amounts Tables) is as radio buttons. These radio buttons can be changed into “normal” buttons by using custom code in a style sheet.

If your Look & Feel Template is based on the United We Fight Look & Feel Template Type (also known as United We Win), gift choices are presented as “normal” buttons. Learn more about adding custom gift amounts in Customer Support.

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New Training: Data Integrity Clinic

Sign up for the Data Integrity Clinic to receive coaching on data standards. The clinic is broken up into separate sessions that include instructional portions, followed by hands-on homework exercises.

Attend the clinic to learn what qualifies as useful data, plus:

  • Discover the importance and purpose of pecking orders
  • Review your existing pecking orders with guidance from an Andar expert
  • Dive deep into Data Mining Operations and receive advice as needed
  • Explore crucial reports that your organization should be running
  • Receive data review methods, tricks, and shortcuts
  • Find out how to make corrections or changes to your data
  • Establish rules and communications for ongoing data maintenance

This Data Integrity Clinic is jam-packed with valuable information!

Start date: September 21, 2020
Cost per site: $1,500

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Featured Enhancements List

This is the last chance to indicate your interest in any of this month’s Featured Enhancements.

A 'key metric' is a statistic that gives a measure of an account's overall health and performance. All organizations, from non-profits to multi-national corporations, need to track key metrics to understand their performance accurately.

Are you using Andar's Ranking & Segmentation to quickly and easily provide a multi-year reading of an account's key metrics on a Bio Tab?

If so, let us know which refinements to this functionality you're in favor of.

If not, to learn more about Ranking & Segmentation, see our Customer Support article (Note that the MIG module is required for full functionality; learn more about MIG in this Fact Sheet).

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New in 2020.02: Menu Option for Shrink Database Log File

There is a new menu option under System Administration > Database Administration called Shrink Database Log File. It will shrink the transaction log files for the current database. (NOTE: There may be more than one database.) The information of what was shrunk will be written to the Andar log.

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Quote of the Week

"If you want to feel proud of yourself, you've got to do things you can be proud of."
Oseola McCarty

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