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[Blog] What Will This Year's Fall Campaigns Look Like?

Online giving platforms are going to play a more significant role in the fall campaigns than they ever did in the past. Our most recent blog post discusses the different donor types. It also covers the various online modes of giving that are available with Andar e-Pledge, and includes an idea on how to think beyond traditional online pledging methods.

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Discover More About e-Pledge in These e-Classes

Online pledges will be widely used this fall. Don't miss out on the opportunity to learn more about Andar e-Pledge, the online pledging module for Andar/360.

The two classes available in June are:

  • e-Pledge Refresher: Take a tour of the things you need to know for running your e-Pledge Campaigns in the coming season. The class will cover suggested deadlines, basic steps to running a campaign, and new features.
  • Campaign 1-2-3 Easy (Campaign Registration): Campaign registration has been a recent ‘hot topic’ on the Yahoo! User’s Group. We are offering an in-depth look at this component of e-Pledge to aid you in your upcoming campaigns. This component offers a wide array of automation features that can be critical to recruit and maintain your participating organizations effectively.

Find out more about the e-Classes on our website.

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Learn About the Andar/360 Tools You Own

Have you ever wondered about the Andar/360 technology you own? Would you like to hear how other organizations are using the same tools effectively across their organization to raise more money and to communicate better both internally and externally?

We are happy to offer a free tailored overview of the technology & tools you own. Sign up below.

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Featured Enhancements List: Email Alerts

We’ve been getting a lot of valuable input from users through the Featured Enhancements List.

This month, we’ve got a set of suggested code changes to Email Alerts.

The Email Alerts feature enables a customizable email message to be sent to an alert account(s) when either a Transaction or a Communication is added to an account.
(For example: when a pledge is entered for a major donor, an email message is set to the major gifts manager assigned to the account.)

To learn more about Email Alerts, review our Customer Support article. Note that the MIG module is required for full functionality; learn more about MIG in this Fact Sheet.

Check out the current list and let us know what projects interest you!

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Changing Account Names

When you change the Profile Name on an Account, you will be prompted to record a Former Name. Use this wisely. It is not necessary to register a Former Name if you are only correcting a typo or punctuation. This should only be done when the name is changing.

Set Up A Training Database

If you need an Andar/360 Training database, you can create one by using the data copied from your Production database. Read more about the process in this Customer Support article.

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