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Credit Card Payments Update

Have you recently noticed problems with some credit card payments in Andar/360?

In a move to provide a more secure browsing experience, Chrome version 80 included changes in how cookies are handled. Ultimately, these changes caused a few problems for some donors who made credit card payments through Andar e-Pledge. Those donors started their pledges, entered their credit card information, and clicked 'Submit,' but they did not see the completion web page. Meanwhile, in Andar/360, their transactions were recorded, but they contained the CyberSource Business Decision of 'Verifying' instead of 'Accept.'

If you are an Andar e-Pledge customer with PCI Compliance enabled, you may have come across the following:

  1. Donors who called you to say they couldn't complete pledges in e-Pledge, and/or
  2. You tried to close an envelope, but couldn't because it contained a non-accepted payment, and/or
  3. You ran Andar's CyberSource Verification Report, and you saw an increase in the number of 'Verifying' transactions (more than usual).

In our observations to date, this problem has not occurred to any customers who installed Andar/360 2020.01 on or after April 3, 2020, and it has not happened to any donors who are not using Chrome version 80.

Chrome has announced that they will temporarily roll back their changes - until sometime this summer. In fact, the roll-back is already appearing in Chrome version 81 (released on Tuesday, April 7, 2020). (Chrome updates are typically installed automatically whenever new browsers are opened.)

As a result, this problem with increased ‘Verifying’ transactions should stop happening – at least until sometime this summer. (Google has not announced an exact date for the re-introduction of this cookie-handling feature). We hope that our customers can upgrade to Andar/360 2020.01 by then.

If you are experiencing this problem, please contact our helpdesk at

Do You Have Too Many Andar/360 Windows Open?

It's common to have many Andar/360 windows open all at the same time, and it can cause confusion about which one you want to use.

To clear your workspace, click on 'Window' at the top of the screen, and select 'Close All.' Doing so will close all the windows except the Main Menu. 'Close Others' will close everything except the active window and the Main Menu.

Batch Transaction Pledge Details

Have a lot of companies not given you details about their employees' pledges? Would you like to know who those companies are?

Several customers have recently asked how you can determine what companies' pledges have been entered as 'batch' transactions. It might be possible that the company did not provide the details about the employee pledges. Or maybe, you have a policy that batches all of the pledges that were less than a certain dollar amount (for example, perhaps you only entered the details for pledges that were over $250.)

How can you find the answers?

If you have the Andar Executive Plus module, you can write a query to find the employee non-memo pledges that were entered as batch transactions. Otherwise, you might get answers by looking at the list of Envelopes in Andar/360 and using the 'filter' or the 'right-click-and-find' process to identify envelopes that contain batch transactions. Another alternative is to create a Data Mining Operation to find the batch transactions.

To learn more, visit the 'Project Information > Resolution' section of the specific project in Customer Support.

Take Me There

Attend Online Classes

Join us for an upcoming e-Class to learn more about Andar/360 and its modules. By attending, you will grow professionally, become more tech-savvy, and have more influence at work. All of this will result in you having a more significant impact on the community you support!

If you have suggestions for other e-Classes that should be offered, please let us know.

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Have An Active Service Block or Support Plus?

Starting next week, and once a month after that, the individual in your organization that initiated your service contract will receive an email from The Andar Software Support Team. The email will contain a link that will take the user to a report outlining the current status and time logs for your service blocks and Support Plus contracts.

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