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Improve the Donor Experience

How did this United Way improve the donor experience?

They used their donor data to make smart strategic changes. Watch the full video of Chris Gutterud, Data Systems Manager at United Way of Central Minnesota to get the details.

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What do you do when a couple donates?

You might be inclined to put the couple's combined name into the profile's first and last name, but doing this will lead to a lot of confusion. As a result, you'll for sure have odd looking salutations in letters and emails. Plus, if the couple separates, their giving history will be gone from your database and dealing with gifts will be a pain.

When a couple donates, each person should have their own profile in your database. You can then create a "Combined Giver" general relationship between the two individual accounts, and Andar will automatically show their combined gift! You can even use a unique combined giver name and salutation to address letters correctly. Plus, Andar gives you the option to address individuals separately or combined. You can even join an entire family together if you want.

Automate Your Marketing Campaigns

If you own the MIG module you can have Andar/360 power your Marketing Automation. It is easy to run prospect nurturing campaigns and deliver custom content based on your donors' interests.

Learn how to set up an easy drip campaign in this video series.

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Learn New Skills on Andar

Grow as a person, become more tech savvy, have greater influence at work, and make greater impact in your community.

Join us for an upcoming e-Class to learn more about Andar/360. These 2-hour sessions explore the basic concepts, best practices, and features of the software you already own.

Fee: $ 200.00 (USD) per site. Space is limited. 

July 18 -  Andar/360: Basic Data Mining

July 26 -  Andar/360: Basic Payouts

If you have suggestions for other e-Classes that should be offered, please let us know.

Quote of the Week

“No one is more cherished in this world than someone who lightens the burden of another.”

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