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What is this CAPTCHA thing anyway?

You've seen it before, the dreaded CAPTCHA test. Sometimes it's really difficult to tell what those squiggly letters are meant to be, and sometimes it is hard to tell if it's a street sign or a billboard! What if all of the squares are street signs?? If the test is too hard for me, am I a ROBOT??


A CAPTCHA test is a really important security feature to help protect your database from being flooded with data from other computers called 'Robots' or 'bots.'  These computers scan websites for fillable forms and submit false information. Since a computer is filling out the form, it can potentially submit hundreds of forms in a very short amount of time; filling your database with useless data quickly. 

CAPTCHA means: Completely Automated Public Test to tell Computers and Humans Apart - It is meant to confuse a 'bot' by creating a situation where the computer cannot parse the information presented like the human brain can. With the CAPTCHA in place the 'bot' cannot complete the form - keeping your database clean and safe!

Recently, we've added a feature called reCAPTCHA that uses the latest CAPTCHA technology. Check out this page for setup instructions or give us a call for assistance.

Finance, Talent & Technology Management Forum

If you, any of your colleagues, or volunteers will be attending the Finance, Talent & Technology Management Forum in Houston, TX please visit our booth in the exhibit hall. We are happy to answer questions or hear your thoughts. We will be showcasing the Andar/360 Texting tool including our 1-Text-To-Pledge option along with our Salesforce integration.

Come by and say "hi", we'll be ready to "knock your socks off!"


Working Too Hard on e-Pledge Campaign Setup?

Are you copying web notes and options to each organization account that runs an e-Pledge campaign? If you are, you are working too hard!

e-Community is designed to work efficiently. In fact, it is designed to be virtually maintenance free! Where e-Pledge is concerned, your e-Pledge staff should be able to set up EVERY organization in your database at the same time! The secret is in the Tailoring Account.

The Tailoring Account should be used to set up all of your common e-Pledge settings. These settings will apply to all organizations and employees. When this has been done, all of your organizations are ready!

Once you have this in place, you simply need to add the web options that are exceptions to the Tailoring Account. Of course this is simplified and every setup is different, but this is the general concept that everything is based upon.

As always our Customer Care department is ready to assist you in making your tasks easier. Let us know when you are ready to stress less!

Coming in 2019.01: Changing Data Type for form lines

Have you ever changed your mind when designing a survey or a CB Form? Have you ever created a form line and then users wanted you to change it to something else?

A lot of time it involves changing the data type. With 2019.01, you will be able to do this without having to delete and re-create the entire line.

Read Project 99267.

Quote of the week

"The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing."

Walt Disney

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