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Track Leadership Giving

Leadership Givers are Individuals whose total gift reaches a specific Level for a given Campaign Year (for example, Tocqueville, Gold, Silver, or Bronze). Andar allows your fundraising organization to define Leadership Levels to acknowledge different levels of giving. Once the Leadership Levels are defined and linked to a specific campaign or all campaigns, Andar will automatically assign an Individual Leadership Level and Combined Leadership Level to an Individual donor based on their gift amount or combined gift amount for the campaign or for all campaigns in a particular campaign year.

An Individual's Individual Leadership Level and Combined Leadership Level can also be assigned based on the fundraising organization that owns the pledges and the RUM dollars.

The leadership levels are not automatically rolled over - remember to add them for the new campaign year.

Take a look at what a Leadership Override is.

Leadership data can be viewed on Individual and Organization account profiles, custom Bio Tabs on the Individual account profiles, and Dashboards. Leadership churn data can be retrieved from Andar by Data Mining Operations and Leadership reports.


ePledge Abandoned Flag

Would you like to know who starts the pledging process but does not finish? You can reach out and see how they might need help. Check out the e-Pledge abandoned filter in Web Access Log. Use this flag to find out the web users who have initiated the pledging process but never completed.


Yahoo Users Group

An additional resource for help with Andar/360 can be found through joining one of our users group listservs. Join with over 1500+ other members to converse and share practical tips, tricks, and best practices.

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How to Process Disaster Relief Campaigns

There are multiple options available in Andar and e-Community for processing disaster relief campaigns to help victims of earthquake, fire, flood, hurricane, tornado, etc.
Questions to consider when deciding what option to use:

  • Do you want to count these funds in your Local/Annual campaign?
  • Will any of the funds come from workplace campaigns?
  • Do the funds need to be posted to different GL accounts?
  • Could you potentially be raising funds for more than one disaster at the same time?


Quote of the Week

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